Forget Forever

It was all perfect. I still remember staring out into the audience. Having those arms squeeze me. The huge jewel that shone on my finger, just like I used to.
People say to take a moment, breath it in. Remember it all. Because it's so good that you want to keep it, cherish it. Maybe if I had done that. Just maybe. Things would be different. Because now all I see. All I know is only one.
Jason McCann.
And I'm learning to

Forget Forever


3. One Way

Why would anybody take her. I didn't understand. She was the sweetest precious thing sent from heaven. It isn't fucking fair. I had another one of my screaming fits, where I pulled my hair, squeezed my skull, wiped the tears. I was getting worse. This had become more frequent. My mom is standing by the sink. She waits till I've stopped screaming. Then she comes over and rubs my back. She knows the drill. 
" Justin, I know, I know." 
" It's incredibly hard, I know." She whispers. 

" Hard? What about Hannah? What the fuck is happening to her?" I wailed.

" Honey, you love her so much I know. I wish I had answers to your questions." She breathed.

" Mom she could be dead! She- she- I don't fucking know!" I screeched, grabbing ahold of my hair again. 

" I know you don't wanna hear this but you are getting worse and you need to try and help yourself, move on a bit." She spoke so softly.

" I can't move on! I don't know what happened to her or why? How can I move on?!" I yelled.

" It's not easy Justin. This hurts, I know. But there isn't anything else we can do. You have to help yourself, your health comes first." She said.

I stood up and wiped my t-shirt over my head, pulled up my sweats and walked to the fridge grabbing a water. 

" I don't care. All I care about is wether Hannah is alive and okay." I said. 

Then I walked outta the room. She tries telling me to stop thinking and worrying about Hannah? What kind of bullshit is that?! Fuck. I don't give a shit what anyone says or how sick I get. Hannah is my everything.

Jason walked closer to me climbing on top off me his knees on either side of me. Keeping me trapped. By now I couldn't help it I was almost gasping because I was so afraid. Nothing could calm me down. My whole body ached in pain. As it always did. My head pounded, my heart pounded. I didn't wanna look up into his eyes. They were the gateway into his horrible hell of a person. 

" Did you clean up the bottles?" He demanded.

Shit. shit.shit. I forgot to check downstairs to see if he went and had a lot to drink after he was done with me. 

"N-no" I mumbled, my voice shaky, raspy.

His face turns evil, his eyes dark, he looks at me in complete disgust. I shrink down in the bed preparing for whatever is to come next. 

He says nothing. 


I feel the pain in my gut it spreads throughout my body. Again. Again. It kills, stings, aches, burns, pinches. 

When he finally leaves I crawl to the bathroom. The pain in my stomach dizzying me. I feel like a zombie as I try to stand up. The mirror reflects a swollen, bloody, bruised face. Matted hair. Eyes lost with all hope. I keep telling myself to forget forever. Forget forever. Forget forever. I'm empty. All gone. The Hannah that was once in this body is gone. The Hannah that Justin loved is all gone. She's been possessed, shattered, squeezed, pushed, punched. 

I didn't know how long I could continue with it. 

There is only one way outta it all...

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