Forget Forever

It was all perfect. I still remember staring out into the audience. Having those arms squeeze me. The huge jewel that shone on my finger, just like I used to.
People say to take a moment, breath it in. Remember it all. Because it's so good that you want to keep it, cherish it. Maybe if I had done that. Just maybe. Things would be different. Because now all I see. All I know is only one.
Jason McCann.
And I'm learning to

Forget Forever


5. Cousins

I slumped against a brick wall, trying to catch my breath. I hadn't stopped running. I didn't even know what state I was in, or for that matter what country. But I was away from Jason and that was all that mattered. But like I said. Good things seem to disappear so fast. 

Running my hands through my hair and groaning in pain. My legs hurt. I was exhausted all I wanted was to finally be safe. I couldn't sleep. I was good at not sleeping. I had an eagle eye. I was always looking out for Jason. That's why I wasn't sure how I ended up falling asleep. 

" Good you're awake." I heard a voice say. 

It sent shivers down my spine. That voice haunts me. I could make it out anywhere. Jason McCann.

I slowly bring my hand up to my face rubbing my eyes. His dark eyes find mine and I feel myself shrink. I'm shaking. How the fuck did he find me? And how did I end up back at his house with him? I didn't wanna know.

" Sneaking out eh?" He spat.

I gulped and bit on the flesh inside my mouth. 

" Thought you were smarter than that baby. I was thinking of punishments but I think id rather find other ways to torture you." He smirked at me.

I wanted to disappear. Torture me? Wasn't I already being tortured? 

" Besides it's better to put you to use. So you can finally benefit me." He announced, a smile forming on his face, obviously happy with his plan.

I didn't wanna know what this plan was.

" You wanna talk to Justin?" He asked.

Did he just? Justin? 

" Yes please." I answered, my eyes widening just by the idea of hearing his voice. 

He fishes his phone out of his pocket dialling a number. How does he know Justin's number? 

I hear it dialling. Then Justin's voice comes on. My heart is racing. 

" H-Hello?" He says, his voice is flat, no emotion, raspy, and I already know he isn't okay.

" Justin." Jason exclaims. 

" Yeah that's me. What you want?" He snaps. 

" Well I got your fiancé here." He says, with a little laugh. 

Evil bitch. 

" Where the fuck is she?" Justin yells. 

" Oh well Justin why don't I let you talk to her." He chuckles.

My eyes grow wide and I gasp as Jason hands me the phone. 

" J-Justin?" I whisper, still not believing I'm actually talking to him. 

" Hannah baby, a-are you o-ok-kay?" He crys. He sounds terrible and my heart is breaking. If I can even break anymore. 

I wanted to tell him where I was. Unfortunately that's difficult when you don't even know where you are. 

" J-Justin. I-I'm okay. Baby I m-miss you." I stumbled to get the words out. I wiped under my eyes, the tears wouldn't stop. 

" I know baby, I miss you so much. I love-." He was cut of by Jason snatching the phone from me. 

" Justin. Justin. You wanna see your fiancé?" He asked with a smirk planted across his face. 

" Please, please!" He begged. 

" How about a little deal? I tell you where we are, you come, bring me the money that you owe me. She doesn't get hurt." 

" But if you choose to bring anybody with you, including police, which would be un wise considering your past. She will be killed." He spat. 

Considering his past?? What past? Did Justin miss out on telling me a huge part of his history? 

" Jason you dirty rat bastard! I'll bring the money. Don't you dare lay a another fucking finger on Hannah!" I could clearly hear the frustration in Justin's voice. He was so pissed. 

" Okay okay we'll see about that. But here's the deal we are in Stratford. Call me when you get here, I'll give ya an address. " Jason scoffed. 

" You took her to Stratford?!" Justin screamed. 

Jason laughs, " We will see you tomorrow Justin. Until then though... Hannah is still mine." Jason declared. 

" Jason you fucking-" but Justin was cut off when Jason hung up. 

" Well Hannah you probably didn't know alot of stuff about my cousin Justin. Now did you?" Jason smirks. 

Wait they are cousins? 

Oh shit. 

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