Who is the Fairest One of Them All

A short fanfiction about Harry Styles from One Direction and my character, Avery.


1. Prolouge

     Long ago, in a small kingdom, there was a king and queen, but they were heirless and wanted a child. One cold winter day, the queen was walking through the gardens of the palace, when she spotted a single, blood red rose growing out of the lifeless bush. She looked at the rose and said "If I have a child, let the skin be white as snow, hair black as night and lips red as blood."

   Not long after that, nine months to be correct, and heir was born to the kingdom. A little girl that was given the name Avery Snow White. Just like the queen had wished for, the girl was born with skin white as snow, hair black as night, and later on she would develop the lips red as blood.

   When the princess was 5, her mother died of illness and her father remarried a very beautiful woman from an unknown kingdom. On the day of her father's wedding, the princess and her stepmother were in the master bedroom getting ready when the princess  looked at her stepmother and said, "You look very pretty today, your Majesty."

   The queen turned away from the mirror and looked at the girl, "I do indeed look very pretty today, my sweet child. But you look even more pretty today on your father's wedding." The Queen said. the little girl smiled. The wedding was a beautiful one and very short, but that night was one that was never forgotten in the minds of those who live there.

    That night, the new Queen killed her husband, with a very long blade of a dagger. She then ran into the room of the princess and told her she must leave because an assassin had killed her father; the Queen had told her that they were leaving and hiding in the country side for a while. Little did  the child know was that she was going to be kept as a worker girl in the castle.

    If your wondering who's telling this story, well its the little girl. Yep, its me, Avery Snow White. I'm older now(like 16 years old) and I got thrown into a dungeon when I was 5, thanks to my stepmother. I've been waiting for a long time to be free and I was freed when I saw the guy of my dreams. It took some awesome friends and a sleeping spell, just to find him. but here is my story.


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