Who is the Fairest One of Them All

A short fanfiction about Harry Styles from One Direction and my character, Avery.


2. Chapter 1

     "Avery, come here Sweetheart." I hear my stepmother, the Queen of the land, calling for me, Damn it, what is it now?  I thought to myself. I walk up the stairs and into the main hall where the throne sits. "Yes, Stepmother?" I ask as I knell before her. "My dear please stand, for today is a very special day for you." I stand up and have my arms to my sides. "Yes Stepmother, today is the day that I turn 16." I say.

      My stepmother circles around me like a vulture circling a dead animal. "That's right. Today is your 16th birthday, and do you know what I have in store for you?" She asks. I can feel her breath on my neck and bare arms. "No Stepmother, I have no idea." I feel something pulling on the collar of the rags that is my dress.

     My head is pushed back to a point where I can here my stepmother breathe and whisper very loudly, like she is yelling at me. "I have only a small amount of chores for you to do today, and they are very important. If one thing is messed up or is in the wrong spot, I will throw you back into the dungeon for a long time." I nod my head in a yes manner.

    She lets go of my collar and gives me the list of chores I have to do. The fist one is make sure all the fine silver is washed and shined. Great, I think to myself. I walk into the dinning room and towards the china cabinet. I check the silver and wash only a plate and a cup, the rest is so shiny that i can see my reflection.

    The second is polish the mahogany dinning table. Did that, Check, now what's next? I ask myself. I look on the list, getting water from the well. I run into he kitchen, grab the wooden bucket from the corner and run outside. I walk up to the well and see a small group of doves standing on the well.

    "Well hi there, little ones" I say. they stare at me and then fly to me, landing on my snow white skin. "It's good to see you too." They fly off and land on the edge of the well. I walk over and place the bucket on the ground and begin to pull on the rope to bring the water up.

    I begin to hum to myself and soon start singing,

    You're insecure, don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk through the door

    Don't need make up,to cover up, being the way that you are is enough

    Everyone else can see it, everyone else but you.

 Then I hear a voice I have never heard of before start singing too,

   Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me over whelmed

   But when you smile at the ground, you don't know oh oh, you don't know you are beautiful.

   I look up and there is a boy with curly hair and emerald green eyes. "Oh, hello. I'm-" i grab the bucket and run inside. "Wait! I need to know your name!" I turn around before closing the door and say, "My name is Avery, what's yours?" I ask him. "I'm-" He gets cut off by the sound of someone yelling for him.

    "Harry! Harry where are you?!" I hear a man's voice call. He looks at me and smiles a cute smile, and runs off. When he left, I just stood at the door way and was smiling. "Harry..." is what I could say. I close the door, put the bucket on the counter and look at the list. The final chore, cook dinner.

    Well, this is it. The last one. I put the list on the counter and start cooking dinner for tonight. All i can think about is the boy, Harry.

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