Glitch is a neglected robot that lives in the dump with his best friend Cylinder. Glitch has longed for the taste of a taco because they smell delicious. With the taco shop being right across the street, Glitch and Cylinder set off on an adventure to reach the delicious treat.
With the help of One Direction of course ;)


2. The Plan

Glitches POV


''What's that?'' I asked.  ''Well lets see... theirs a 20 green thing a10 green thing and a coupon for pizza!!!''Cylinder exclaimed. I rolled my robotic eyes, "We're not here for pizza! We're here for tacos...focus!" I sighed, "Let's just be realistic Glitch, you've wanted a taco all your life. Do you think you're really gonna get one?" "How can you say that!? Of course I want one and this is our chance."

"I'm so hungry" the one whose pants we were in said.

You and me both.

"Hey look! There's an ID" Cylinder said. I took the giant card from him to see a picture of the guy and his name. "Niall Horan?".   Wow that's a cool name I thought as we started to go faster. ''There they are we have to sneak past them'' one of them said.  All of the sudden I heard a door open.  ''Where are we'' I said with excitement.


DING DING.  ''Hello sir how may I help you'' some lady said.  ''will I would like check in'' one of the boys said.  ''WHERE ARE WE'' I whisper-yelled.  ''will I think where in a hotel'' cylinder said.

''A hotel?'' ''Whats a hotel'' I said angrily at him. ''Will I saw it in a magazine. Its like a big place with a water circle and stuff'' cylinder screamed back. ''you have any money'' one of the guys asked.



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