Glitch is a neglected robot that lives in the dump with his best friend Cylinder. Glitch has longed for the taste of a taco because they smell delicious. With the taco shop being right across the street, Glitch and Cylinder set off on an adventure to reach the delicious treat.
With the help of One Direction of course ;)


1. The Dump

This is my home, the dump. Oh and by the way my name is Glitch and I’m a robot that lives in a Chinese take-out box. I live with my friend, Cylinder. I don’t really know how I got to the dump or where I came from all I know is that I love tacos! Even though I’ve never tasted one, they smell delicious! I’ve dreamed about going to the taco shop all my life, but it’s very hard to get there because the dump only has one way in and one way out. So, I’m kind of stuck here, but it’s a great place.

No one's POV Present Day:

“Hi Cylinder” Glitch said. “What?” Cylinder moaned as he fell out of his spoon bed. “We should go on an adventure!” Glitch exclaimed. “Wait, what did you say?” Cylinder yawned. “I said we should go on an adventure” annoyed as Glitch replied. “OK.” “Finally! You never go on adventures!” Glitch yelled with excitement. Glitches adventures weren’t very big. They would just climb on top of a garbage pile and stare at the taco shop. “Let’s go” Glitch said.  Once they got on the top of the pile Glitch saw a black Range Rover with a bunch of girls chasing after it.  After a few minutes Glitch sees boys discreetly get out of their car and run in his direction. Glitch was excited, they never had visitors at the dump, except for the grumpy garbage guy. 

Glitch's POV

"Who are they?" Cylinder asks. "I don't know but they're coming here!" I exclaim.

The boys finally got to the alley and bent over, hands on their knees, panting.

"My car!" the curly one complained. "Calm down we'll get it in the morning'' the man with suspenders replied. "But Lou!" "Shh Harry!" The curly one, Harry, crossed his arms over his chest and pouted.

"Guys, we need to get a room for the night" one with short brown hair stated. "What about food?! I'm hungry!" the blonde one said. "You're always hungry Niall" one with black hair sighed.

"Tacos!" Harry exclaimed. "Sh, the fans can hear you!" one whisper-yelled.

Cylinder nudged me and whispered to me, "Did you hear that? They said tacos."

I frantically nodded, showing that I heard them and was very excited.

"We'll get tacos after we get a room, ok?" the short-brown-haired one said.

"Follow me" I told Cylinder and ran down the pile with him following.

We both ran to the boys as they started to sneak out the alley. Cylinder started climbing the blonde ones pant leg and urged me to do the same. We both climbed into his back pocket and sunk into the darkness.



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