First love in Heaven

Love is something of beauty, grace and elegance. It is something in a league out of this world, and it is made in heaven. Alicia has never felt love, she has never been loved. But when she came to the USA to Chicago she met this ordinary boy and they became best friends. He is a punk, skater boy and she is a girl who is a model and does ballet. They are even next-door neighbours and they enjoy every moment together. But after a while they got even closer in to their relationship and felt love for each other, and this is where the rest of the story lies. This is the sequel to the Straight-Edge Boy with the Pepsi Tattoo. Note: Contains some intense scenes, nothing obscure or inappropriate.


3. School

Last night was spectacular. My mind and world is a gem, my life is a fairytale. I look back and see the burning hell, I look to my side and I see my friends, I look ahead... and I see heaven. It may seem all too good to be true, I think that all the time, but really I am seeing what life is like. There's a difference between living and existing. Existing was my past, living is my present and future.

I have decided to start singing properly, and currently at school I am having singing lessons. I perform rarely, because I am too shy but my teacher keeps on encouraging me to do more. Right now, I need to go to my lesson so I pick up my bag and jog stealthily to the music room. I take a peek through the glass and my teacher is leaning on the piano, she sees me and smiles. I enter the room nervously because apparently she has some news for me. "Don't be worried, it's nothing serious," she says as she can sense my anxiety. I smile, and put my bag down in the corner of the room.

"Hi, you wanted to see me?" I ask.

"Yes, I did," she replies. "I have been assessing your work and I think it is time to work on your weaknesses. I can already tell that you are shy about singing in front of people, so that's why I want to build on your confidence. Every Friday lunchtime you will sing on the stage, while people are having their lunch. You need to have your lunch before and make sure you have plenty of water."

I stand there frozen, not knowing what to say. "Every... Friday... Lunchtime?" I whimper.

"Yes! Every Friday Lunchtime. So we better get started,"

"No... but, I'm not ready. I can't do that. I'm not that good enough to be doing that. I...I..." 

"You are more than capable of doing it. You have a superb voice and this will help you, ok?" she finalizes. 

"Ok," I say and hang my head. I hear a lovely sound of the saxophone in the background behind the door in the room next to the one we are currently in.

"Ignore that," she laughs and continues with the lesson. "So, let's just warm up our voices and get ready to go!" We do some voice drills and warm up our voices, I laugh uncontrollably at times and struggle to regain focus. I am ready.

"So what will you sing for me today?" she asks.

"Uh, um. Uhm..." I utter and try desperately to think of a song. 

"Why don't you try 'Loving You' by Minnie Riperton? I am sure you can do it,"

"Ok, it's a very hard song but... ok."

I sing softly and sweetly as I can all the way through. I do ballet throughout it because I feel content inside while hearing that song. I look over through the glass and see a music teacher signalling to my music teacher if he can come through. My teacher shakes her head and he stands by the door silent with some other student. I can only see the backs of their heads because only the top of the door is glass. When it comes to the high note I take a deep breath and give it my best try, it comes out nicely and I beam. 

"Bravo! That was magnificent. Beautiful!" she exclaims and claps loudly. I blush a scarlet red and look at the ceiling. The music teacher comes out from behind the door and smiles at me, he comes  out with another student who is holding a saxophone.

"Wow. That was unbelievable." the man says. I look down at the floor and laugh. I look up and I see who is holding the saxophone, my eyes widen. 

"Phil?!" I say shocked and surprised.

"Alicia?!" he replies equally shocked and surprised. "Oh my gosh. We were listening behind the door and I never knew you had a voice that angelic," he gasps.

"Aw, gee thanks. This is so sweet of all of you three. I am just really nervous about getting it wrong in front of the whole school. What if they throw their lunch at me?" I panic.

"No, they'll love you!" my music teacher says and the other two nod. The teachers leave the room and I am just left with Phil.

"I never knew you played the 'sax'," I say impressed.

"Yeah," he replies.

"Can you play me something?" I ask.

"You sure you want to hear me?" he laughs.

"Of course! Please!" I encourage him and he gets his saxophone out of its case. He sits me down next to me and starts playing. He plays this really romantic tune and I start smiling. He plays flawlessly and fluently and he even plays with one hand and puts his spare arm round me. I get closer to him and as soon as he finishes I give him a kiss. "That was just flawless and sexy, just like you are," I wink and he sits me in his lap. We talk intimately for a while, but then we hear people coming and 'scram'. Luckily we get away in time.



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