First love in Heaven

Love is something of beauty, grace and elegance. It is something in a league out of this world, and it is made in heaven. Alicia has never felt love, she has never been loved. But when she came to the USA to Chicago she met this ordinary boy and they became best friends. He is a punk, skater boy and she is a girl who is a model and does ballet. They are even next-door neighbours and they enjoy every moment together. But after a while they got even closer in to their relationship and felt love for each other, and this is where the rest of the story lies. This is the sequel to the Straight-Edge Boy with the Pepsi Tattoo. Note: Contains some intense scenes, nothing obscure or inappropriate.


5. Hospital

The rest of this month has been bleak and now the next month looks even worse. It's December now and I just hope that he's alright. At school, not many people have realised. The odd person asks me where he is, but I struggle to answer them. I look at the floor and tell them that he isn't in a good place. Some of them comfort me, but others just walk away to break the awkward silence. My day seems much darker as he was the light in my life, and now he is gone. I find that I am really behind academically, I am in the second set for Science and I was dropped a set for Maths. I am top set English, but that's all I am good at when it comes to 'core' subjects. I guess they are important and they make you money, but you can still earn money without them. Maybe I am wrong, but I excel in other areas. I just love singing, dancing, art and sport. Nothing can take me away from those hobbies - I love them. Entertaining is what I love doing, it is what I want for my future because it is just so lovely seeing smiles on people's faces. But I just have to focus on work and providing for myself. I still live in my apartment that I rent and I work as a model. Lately, I haven't been doing much as I have been under too much stress, but less frequently I go to work.

I sit on the couch in the living room, watching 'Titanic' the movie. It is so romantic, but as I watch the end it makes my heart cry. I even start crying as it reminds of what happened, the way I could've stopped it. If I hadn't been so dumb and stupid, I wouldn't have had a detention and then I could keep an eye out for him. I could've prevented it. At school I sang 'Summertime Sadness' by Lana Del Rey, on the stage at Lunch as I just had to let out my emotions. The shame and guilt passes me and I huddle into a small ball. After while a look up and think that I should visit him. There is a hospital that is 20 minutes away that he is at. So I call a cab and meanwhile I put my coat on and moisturise my face, brush my hair and leave the house with my keys and money.

I get there after half an hour as there is traffic and delays from an accident with a car skidding in the pouring rain. I pay the cab driver and rush through the hospital doors.

I approach the main reception desk "Hi, I am here to see Phil Brooks. Is he here?"

The lady looks at her computer and answers "Yes."

"Is he allowed any visitors by any chance?" I ask.

"Um, you may have to wait. He is still in a critical condition and it doesn't look promising."

"Please," I plead.

"Yes, you may proceed to the A&E Department."

"Thanks," I finish and then rush off.

I run so fast that I run into a worker, and they shout "Watch where you're going Missy!"

"Sorry!" I shout. I then get to the A&E Department and I look through all the windows and I don't see him anywhere.

A male surgeon then comes up to me and asks "Who are you looking for?"

"Phil Brooks. Do you know where he is? When can I see him?" I answer.

"I'm afraid he isn't in the best condition. He has stopped breathing and he is in intensive care. You may enter the room when a nurse calls you,"

"Ok then, I'll wait." I sit down and put my head in my hands. My heart is in my mouth and it feels as though it is bleeding tear drops of sadness. 

After three quarters of an hour I am called by a nurse and I slowly get to my feet. She looks at me and vaguely smiles, but the look on her face shows that she isn't hopeful. I feel a tear dropping down my face and she gives me a hug, she tells me to see how he is and that she is doing everything she can to help bring him back to normal.

I slowly go step by step through to his hospital bed. I see lots of wires and a plastic mask on his face. His eyes are shut and he isn't breathing, I go closer to sit by his bed. I put my hand on his heart and I don't feel it beat. His spiked hair has come down on his face like a fringe and I move it up to stroke his forehead. I hold his hand which is strapped up in wires, and I stroke it gently. I look at his lifeless self and I start sobbing. I put my hand over my mouth and lower my head, I feel as though there is no hope. 

Suddenly, the machines start bleeping uncontrollably and I jump to my feet. I cry out for help and nurses and doctors come rushing to his aid. I am led out of the room and in to the waiting area where I see his sisters. I come up to them and give them all a big hug. We all cry together and hold each other's hands. His brother looks at us from behind and then stares into space. We are quiet but we become snuffly and try to hold our feelings in. The waterfalls of tears, the wind storm of gasps and the whirlwind of heartache all come gushing out, as we fear the worst.


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