First love in Heaven

Love is something of beauty, grace and elegance. It is something in a league out of this world, and it is made in heaven. Alicia has never felt love, she has never been loved. But when she came to the USA to Chicago she met this ordinary boy and they became best friends. He is a punk, skater boy and she is a girl who is a model and does ballet. They are even next-door neighbours and they enjoy every moment together. But after a while they got even closer in to their relationship and felt love for each other, and this is where the rest of the story lies. This is the sequel to the Straight-Edge Boy with the Pepsi Tattoo. Note: Contains some intense scenes, nothing obscure or inappropriate.


2. First Date

Alicia's POV

So, my reply to Phil was a 'yes' and tonight is the night of our very first date. I am ever so nervous - I don't even know what we are doing this evening. I have to sort out something beautiful for this evening because I want this to be the best night of our lives. He is my Romeo and I am his Juliet, escaping to the garden to see him. I look in the mirror and take a look at myself, I take out my hair band and let my hair down loose. I then leave my face bare-skinned without any moisturisers or make-up. I wash my face and get to my wardrobe, looking around at what I have.

I look at all my dresses. "Yes, maybe no. Mmm... I don't know?!" I keep exclaiming out loud because I need to find the perfect dress. I try and shorten the choice down to four dresses remaining but I am completely fretting. Today is meant to be a spectacular day and I should just stop worrying - I wish I had someone to tell me that. But I figure that out myself and stand tall, look at my collection and still can't decide, but then I stumble across a box. It is small and it has pretty packaging, wrapped in blue paper with violet stars on.

I lift off the lid and make my way through all the bits of pink tissue paper. I look down and I am bedazzled at what I see, it is so beautiful. I see the answer to my problems, it is another miracle that has fallen out of the sky. A dress so magical that I remember my grandma got for me as a Christmas present a few years ago. It is exactly like Cinderella's dress, but it is strapless. It is deep sky blue with diamond-like gems on the top half of the dress trailing down to the mid section. It floor length and has a floaty cape at the back from the back of my waist down to the floor and it is just so majestic. I try it on and I look at myself in a mirror of vanity. I am unrecognisable, I am a completely different person. I feel like an angel has just sprinkled magic in the form of glitter over me and I have turned into a fictional fantasy beauty. It takes me minutes to realise that this is me, I am mind-blown. If this is my reaction, I really do wonder what his reaction will be when he sees me. My skin is pale, paler than normal and I do concern over it, but it just makes look even more like a dainty doll. 

I begin to watch the clock move forward so slowly, almost motionlessly. I am nervous inside and my heart is beating fast. I helplessly watch the clock tick while I sit here, my thoughts are so nerve-racking and I feel hypnotised. My eyes solely on the sun going down and my ears listening to movement of the clock hands.

Phil's POV

I can't describe what I feel. I am in cross-roads between confident and nervous. My sister Selene is telling me I'll be fine, only she knows that I am with Alicia. "I don't know what to do, how to tell my emotions apart. I can't believe that I'm doing this tonight," I explain while pacing up and down my room.

She sits me down on my bed with her and puts her hand on my knee. "It'll be fine Phil! Remember, she loves you and she seems a nice girl to me. You love her too, don't you?"

"Of Course!" I reply. "I love her..."  and I go off into a daze.

"Phil..."  shouts Selene and shakes me by the shoulders. "Wakey-wakey! Hello! Anyone there?" she utters and I regain my senses. I laugh and then she tells me "I get it. You two are Romeo and Juliet and tonight is your special night. Treat her amazingly, sweep her off her feet."

"Ok, Selene. Give me a few tips, how would you want a boy to sweep you off of your feet?" I ask shyly.

"Firstly, tell her that she looks beautiful. Secondly, be sweet and caring and affectionate. Thirdly, just be yourself because a girl only loves you for who you are. Finally, don't be afraid to make a move on her," and she winks.

"Alrighty..." I approve nodding my head. "But what do you mean by, making a move? I'm not exactly going to throw her in the water!" I say sarcastically.

"I know!" She emphasizes. "I mean... don't be afraid to do some sweet stuff... lip-locking," she whispers.

"Oh. Yeah, um. Ok..." and she speaks while I pause "It is almost time for you to go! So I'm just saying, go for first base. Maybe second if you're feeling slightly naughty!" she teases me and ruffles up my hair. And then she leaves me with a wish for good luck, I thank her and I get up to look in the mirror. I straighten my shirt and undo my top two buttons, making sure they are all done up properly. My trousers I secure with a belt, and I put a tie round my collar and I leave it undone. Finally, I get a black waistcoat and put it on while straightening my collar. I leave and go next door, I slowly put my finger on the doorbell and wait. 


Alicia's POV

I slowly tiptoe to the door, my heart thudding inside me.

 "Whoa....," he murmurs and his eyes widen while his eyes run up and down me slowly. I stand there with a natural smile and watch him stand back in awe, waiting for him to say something.

After a while he finally tells me "You look so beautiful," and my smile grows wider.

"Thank you. I think you look dashing tonight as always," I reply.

"Thanks," and he gives off a small, brief laugh looking at the floor. He looks up and says "Um, should we go?" and I nod my head, our hands are interlinked.

"Where are we going?" I ask him.

"Somewhere special," he whispers to me. I blush a faint pink and just follow the lead. 

"So, um. How have you been?" I ask, not knowing what to say as I am timid and anxious. I feel a little shy and I often blush. 

"Good. Yeah, really good," he replies. "Have you been up to much? How are the girls?"

"I suppose they are ok. They are acting all weird recently, not one of them are normal. It makes me wonder if everything is alright."

"What are they doing that isn't normal?" he questions.

"Well... um. What are they doing normal? Um, they keep on smuggling make-up into the girls' toilets... and whenever I see them they talk like they are gargling. They have piggy-back races at lunch... and keep attempting to do cartwheels but keep failing... miserably," I rant.

"Wow," he laughs and grins at me. "Looks like you have got a lot that needs explaining." 

"Yes, they have a lot to answer for. But I won't lay in to them too harshly." I finish.

We come to a terracotta, cobbled path. It leads up to a white arch with lights around it. As we approach nearer I can see a harbour, but it is empty. The only exception is a small boat and there a tall man occupies it. I whisper "How come we are here?" to Phil and he smiles at me. I smile confused and hand gesture. He then says gently "Take my hand." I put mine in his and he lifts me on to the boat, I'm surprised and I have a facial expression which shows the anxiety of a young child. He tells me to sit down and he boards the boat, while telling the man to start paddling and we drift off from the shore.

"Wow..." I say while gazing into the gentle, shallow waves. 

"Wow..." says Phil and he is gazing at me. We both laugh happily and hold hands. He asks me about myself and then the conversation blossoms from there. The night goes on and we lose track of time - hair blowing in the wind and exchanging whispers. It is so relaxing, knowing that you don't have to make a first impression because we have been best friends for almost three years now. Before we know it, it is 7pm and we come back to shore. 


Phil's POV

We have arrived back in Chicago and so far it has been great. We have had a brilliant time so far and now I want to finish the night with dinner. I know that it is slightly late at night, but I know she is probably starving. I am too! So I take her hand and kiss it, she smiles and we run to the park round the corner from where we live. I hang on tightly to the picnic basket I have hidden from her, because I wanted everything to be a surprise. We sit down under our special tree and I open the basket. I filled it with pizza slices before-hand, and I hope it has stayed hot. We feed each other pizza and it is really funny. Alicia puts a whole slice of pizza in my mouth and then kisses me hard on both cheeks. I start to choke and she pats my back, but we burst into fits of laughter. As soon as we finish laughing I remember what my sister said and I feel nervous about it. I freeze, but then slowly move towards her. I gently kiss her and she kisses me, it feels magical and beautiful. Only she can ever make me feel that way. We move away slowly and the look on her face is surprised but she shines her stunning smile at me. 

We are walking home and come outside of her house. "Thank you Phil. This has been the most wonderful night a girl could ever ask for," and she hugs me as well as planting a kiss on my cheek. I kiss her forehead and wish her a goodnight and then we go to our homes. As soon as I get through the front door, my sister pounces on me and shouts excitedly "How was it? What did you do? Did you do what I said? Tell me!" and I go upstairs telling her that I will let her know as soon as I have changed. I close my bedroom door and behind it I sink to the floor, feeling dazed. I get up and take my shirt off while looking in the mirror and yell the word "YES!!!" Tonight, I nailed it!


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