The Death of a Dragon Prince

What happens when a slayer finds friendship with a dragon?

Alexei Allagi has been trained since the day he could hold a sword to complete the task his family had been set out to do. He has always been willing to find his fate and thought that nothing could surprise him about the dragon world. That is, until he meets the young Princess of Pnevma, whose people have remained hidden since the beginning of time. An 'unregistered' pops up out of nowhere and he must learn the new ways of this ferocious species. His Destiny Deed has finally arrived but he wasn't so eager anymore. The inevitable end of his entire world is looming. Who knew the death of one dragon could lead to all this?

Contains violence. This is the first draft of a new novel idea I had so I might not upload the full story quickly :) A work in progress.


1. Killing the Fire Dragon


Chapter 1

Killing the Fire Dragon


“Damn it!” Feeling the wall of fire skim his nose, Alex scowled down at his armour, now black and scorched rather than its normal shiny silver. “This was clean on a couple of weeks ago! Mam’s not gonna be too pleased with you, mate!”

     Another flaming blockade pushes itself between him and his goal, causing him to dive to the right. Rolling on the floor to lessen the power of his fast reaction, prickling pain ran up his arm to his collar bone, where his shoulder had dislocated from his last encounter with this ferocious kind.

     "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!" he was treading on his temper, shouting upwards to the monster. There was no way it would make it out alive. It couldn't be left to roam and spread fear any longer.

     Suddenly, Alex felt a vast wave of air on his face. His hair flew back from his face and goose-bumps surged up his arms. It had blown the mocking out of him as well. The scene went cold.

     The blaze was put out by a swift beating of the monster’s wings, creating an even deadlier smoke screen than the fire for the monster to hide behind. Alex's eyes ran from side to side and he lifted his sword ready for the attack.

     It appeared from behind its cowardly cloak, which drowned Alex’s body in a choir of stinging as it embraced his skin. It was like a ghost in the shadows. The Fire Dragons were as hot-tempered as their name suggested. He was so close now that you could feel the heat emanating from his scarlet scales. Still Alex couldn’t clearly see his enemy. Hide and seek was a child’s game; Alex only played with the big boys now.

     He brandished his blade at the silhouette. It fell straight through the smoke at first but hit something hard once it came further down. An enraged howl burnt his ears as the dying flames licked at his legs. However, the blade just bounced off the dragon’s scales rather than penetrating the skin. Its pain forced it to come out from behind its curtain.

     Pushing its way through the wall of smoke, Alex could see all its features. Though, he was only concentrating on one terrifying thing instead of admiring it's carcass like usual. He was too close for his own comfort.

     The roar revealed its concealed weapons; yellow teeth corroded to a sharp fang by the acid dribbling from them. Venomous spit. Alex froze. A rogue drop formed at one of the points. One small shudder and it would fall directly onto his face. Alex and the dragon's heavy breathing chorused in unison. In. Out. In. Out. The drop grew bigger.





     Alex's sword was still raised above the dragon's head. He had to calculate his next actions carefully.


Bringing his arm down, it's collision with the dragon's scales sent shivers down the sword's body as well as his own. The dragon's head snapped back as expected. Swiftly, Alex rolled over once again. Forced to ignore his aching shoulder, the drop fell with his movement and just missed his weaker leg. It didn't hit him directly but still it splashed and a few tiny acidic droplets bit into his skin. But it didn't oscillate his obsession for achieving his quest's goal.

     The dragon was still rocking and shaking his head from side to side, slowing down a little as the pain began to ease, so Alex took his chance. Hurriedly attempting to pull the sword out of the dragon’s head, which had hardly penetrated the surface, it took quite some effort with his failing energy going up against strong scales that tried to stop him from gaining his weapon back.

     Before the dragon could comprehend what was going on, the now scarlet painted sword was yanked out of his head and up into the stomach; it’s armoured skin’s weakness.

     It let off the most colossal cry followed by the silence of death as his fate encased him.

     The beast fell and its body lolled over. Wings were tangled with claws, their thin canvas tearing. The impact of it colliding with the rocky floor made everywhere tremble and some rocks from the cave ceiling crumbled, adding dust to the smoky atmosphere.

     It was dead. Alex had slain his first Fire Dragon.


Letting his hand sail over the blade, Alex caught sight of his own reflection in its mirrored handle and smiled. Although it was still decorated with his kill’s crimson blood, he loved his new suit of armour. His new red ribbon would look good next to his yellow and green once the Sodality had given it to him. He had earned his colours but soon he would have to prove he was worthy of them to everyone. No longer would it terrorise humans and the village had been avenged.

     Whilst beaming with the pride of his accomplishment, he was suddenly pushed out of the way by something. Alex span round in a circle. Nothing could be seen in the murky depths of the darkness. Through instinct, he dived behind a company of rocks, careful not to even slightly touch them since they were still smouldering, burning blood appearing to ooze from their centre.

     The smoke from the dragon’s breath was starting to edge its way back out of the centre of the cave, heading for its mouth because that was the only exit. A faint silhouette became visible through the smoke screen when Alex stole a glance round his hiding place. It was just like the dragon’s head had done before. He could use the same trick and strike the screen but he would have to wait until he knew this new enemy a little more.

     Narrowing his eyes, he was concentrating on identifying the thing that everything else was blocked out of his mind. Two slays in one day, he thought, that would make me just behind Emery!

     Although, he would have to be careful not to let the silhouette escape because he didn’t want it to steal a scale from his catch to as their own trophy.

     For the moment, whatever it was was in human form, making them less vulnerable if they were a dragon. It was strange enough to be entering an obvious slayer territory at the moment but to enter as a human was quite cowardly for the usual dragon.

     He was just about to come out from his hiding spot and confront the stranger when a sudden white ball of light destroyed the lingering smoke screen like a flare. Alex was forced to conceal himself again. Once more, he looked round but now the scene was illuminated for him to get a clearer image.

     A girl, looking no older than himself, was inspecting the Fire Dragon’s corpse. Running her hand along every scale, she would stop for a moment at what Alex assumed as a wound. Normally any human-based species would pull away from the burning blood with scorched skin. However, although a small sizzling sound echoed across to him, she didn’t even flinch.

     The ball of light was still up in the air so it was too dangerous for Alex to reveal himself without judging what she was. Initially, he thought that she too was a dragon, come to protect her fellow kind once hearing the commotion or pick another fight with him, but her behaviour proved none of his first speculation was true.

     The beacon proved there were definitely some gaps in Alex’s knowledge. It appeared to be coming from her palm, suspended above her with an invisible string connecting them together. Dragons had many powers, but in all his lessons back home, he knew that none of the types had the ability to do this; none that were known at least.

     Apart from the hissing noise as her hands trailed across the ruby scales, there was no give away as to what she was doing. He couldn’t put any of the mismatch pieces together to fit any of the registered species even with the little he did know. This made her more dangerous. It wasn’t right.

     He knew that he should remain hidden until she leaves; that he should alert the nearest village knights; that he should let those with more skilled slayers take control of the situation. But Alex never did what he should do.

     Mesmerised somewhat, he watched her every elegant movement. She had finished her strange ritual and seemed to be onto the next step. The light brushed past strands of hair as it lowered and her eyes met the hole where Alex’s sword had left in the dragon’s skull to kill the beast. Then, she lifted his eyelids and examined them, all the while muttering under her breath. Red veins branched out and reached the small silver circle around the large black hole. Though unseeing, Alex felt like he was staring right into his soul, burning him from the inside. He deserved it. His death was merciful compared to others.

     As the light came down even further towards her face, Alex could see that she was wearing a delicate crown of some sort upon her head of silver daisies. This was certainly not an emblem of any Slayer’s land. Nor was it any of the human village’s surrounding his home that he was not too far from now. She was an obvious foreigner, going out alone and having to examine this carcass. Plus, she was so young and all alone with no sign of an escort, but Alex had forgotten his own age and the expected ways of the child life he should be living. He was forced to grow up when travelling, waiting for his prey to emerge so he could quickly pounce. There was no time for playing on the job.

     She cupped her hands over the ball. It grew large at first, making Alex’s eyes strain to see again. Her palms showed no signs of burning from the dragon’s bleeding wounds in the slightest, her eyebrows knotted accompanied by her constant mumbling. Something was on her mind.

     The cave submerged into darkness once more. Eyes now adjusted because of the little light coming from the distant cave opening, the girl headed out, leaving the dragon’s corpse to rot alone.

     Alex had to follow her. Readying his sword, he followed the trail of light after her as soon as she was a good distance away into the open valley. He moved quietly, watching every potential obstacle and avoiding every twig, his thoughts as silent as his steps. His head said it was his duty find out about this unknown species the girl obviously was but his heart sparked with curiosity. He would either welcome it or terminate it. It all depended on her reactions to him.

     He followed her out into the open valley. No-one was there to meet her. Then, she stopped still. Alex calculated all the possibilities of her responses; mostly ending in blood spillage. He hoped it would all be hers, but butterflies fluttered deep down in his stomach.


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