Georgia Boy

Aaryan is a just your normal high school senior with her two best friends Sam and Nick. When Aaryan gets involved with the poplar high school jock, thing happen that Aaryan never thought would happen to her. But along her Jounry she get a pen pal. As she learns more about her Pen Pal, feelings come that she never thought would.


1. Getting Involved

As i pulled up to school in my 97' Ford Pickup, i saw Sam and Nick waiting for me by Sam's mustang. Sam, Nick and I have been best friends for forever. We met in kindergarden when Sam and Nick saw a group of girls picking on me because I wanted to play with cars and trucks rather then dolls. Sam and Nick came over and told the girls to leave me alone. Ever sience then we have been inseperatabe. Everone either calls us the Three Musketeers or the Hellans. We like to cause all the trouble around are small town. So we also get called the town's trouble makers. We also get noticed for the wicked parties we throw. All of are parents have some money. My parents being the ones with the most, but i don't brag about it.

" Hey boys" i said as i hoped out of my truck

" morning ry" Nick said

Nick was 6'0" with brown eyes and brown hair. Sam was 5'11" with blue eyes and brown hair. I have to say that they both are good looking and have had there fair share of girls, but i don't like them like that. We have a brother and sister kind of feel tords each other.

" ready for school to start" asked Sam. You see it was the first day of are senior year of high school.

" no, but i am ready for it to be over" i said

" yeah same here" Nick said " lets get to are lockers". Ever sience middle school, we have all had lockers side be side.

As we got to are lockers we noticed a lot of people around them

" what the hell" i asked them

" looks like we have lockers by the jocks this year" Sam said


Just like anyother school we have those poplar senior jocks that think they own the school, and everyone wants to be friends with.

" Well news flash for them. They need to move the hell out of the way and go some where else and socalize" i said trying to get to my locker but kept getting pushed away

" ry" Sam said in a warning tone. Both boys know how i get when i don't like something

" move. move people!" i said but no one was listening

" HEY!" i yelled. Everyone stopped what they where doing and looked at me. "well that got their attenation" i thought

" what" one of the jocks said

" you either need to move or go somewhere else an talk" i said

" why" another jocked asked

" because all you morans are in front of my friends and I's lockers. That whys!" i said

" and to whom do we owe the pleasure to" Jason asked. Jaspm and his three friends, or followers ,as i like to call them, Chad, Luke and John, where the poplar jocks of the school. Jason was 6'1" and had green eyes and snady blone hair. He was very good looking but his ego was something else. Chad was 5'11" with brown eyes and blonde hair. Luck and John we twins so they both 6'0" with blue eyes and blonde hair

" woudn't you like to know" i said

" that why i asked" Jason said, clearly checking me out. I mean i don't understand why. I was 5'7" with long brown hair and Blue eyes as blue as the sea. At least thats what Sam and Nick said. I was only 130 lbs, so i was skinny but thats because of all the sports i play.

" hey my face is up here" i said snapping my finger to get Jaosn attenation because he kept staring at my boobs.

" fisty. I like it" he said

" yeah well i would like it if you and your moran friends could get your asses in gear and move the hell out of the way" i said getting a little mad

" sure thing as long as you tell me your name" he said

" Fine, whatever. its Aaryan" i said

" Aaryan what" he asked

" Aaryan O'Mally" i said

" well Aaryan i guess we should move now." he said " come along boys"

" Thank god, its about time" i said

" see ya later Aaryan" Jason called to me as he walked down the hall, or should i saw stalked.

" we will see aboout that" i said getting to my locker

" damn ry" Nick said

" what" i asked putting my stuff into my locker

" you told them" Sam said

" well for one they don't get the special treatment from me. There seniors just like us too. and they where in my way and need to move" i siad shutting my locker and leaning against it

" well i can tell you all of those guys where checking you out" Sam said

" yeah well they can look but they can't touch" i said

" haha same old ry" Sam said

" would you have me anyother way" i asked

" No!" they both said together

" good" i said. Just then the bell rang and we went are seperate ways to 1st period.


Hey Guys!

So this is my new book. Hope you like. Please tell me what you think. I will try to update every friday, if not on friday then saturday. Please tell your friends about the book, and other people too. So until next time!!

Later! :)

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