Kiss, Diss, and Miss

Marlee was just living an ordinary life until her and her best friend, Alicia go to a One Direction concert and get lost trying to leave. Marlee and Alicia have know idea where they are and they don't know how to get back. What will happen when Marlee meets the love of her life and then they are forced apart?


1. Birthday Surprise

Marlee's POV:

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOO YOUUUUU!" I hear everybody sing. "Blow out your candles Marlee, and don't forget to make a wish." I took a deep breath and blew out all 18 candles. We all ate our cake and enjoyed ourselves. "PRESENT TIME!" Finally my favorite part of birthday's. I walked into the other room and sat on the couch. "ooh, ooh! Open mine first!" My brother Will came running up to me. He shoved the present in my face and screamed "OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!" I giggled. Even though Will is 16 he acts like he's 2. I ripped apart the blue wrapping paper and my mouth dropped. It  was a brand new laptop because he accidentally broke my old one. "Thanks sooo much Willy-poo" I said giving him a great big hug. "Your welcome Marlee-Moo." I went through a lot of presents and finally I got to my mom's present. I opened the bag and there was a One Direction Tee-Shirt, One Direction Bracelets, markers, a poster board, One Direction tattoos, and a card. I opened the card and my mouth dropped and I started to scream. Inside the card were 2 front row tickets to a One Direction concert. I jumped up and hugged my mom. "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH! YOUR THE ABSOLUTE BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD!" I said through lots of tears. An hour or so later my party ended and my best friend, Alicia and I were sitting in my room talking. "So who are you taking to the concert?" Alicia asked. I looked at her with a smirk. "Who do you think silly, you of course!" I said. She started screaming "OMG! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!" "yes, Alicia. I am." I said calmly. "your the bestest friend ever." Alicia said giving me a big hug.


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