Catching feelings

HIi I'm Marie. I'm a actress. i'm 17 and in a releastionship with Austin Mahone. I get a lot of attention of Paps. and boys but my manager wants me to reach out to a girls. I was bullied when I was in school so my manager Faith thinks that if I secretly date Austin but publicly date Justin Bieber I can reach out to girls. there is one thing I hate about this idea... I cant stand Justin.


5. The picture

Marie's P.O.V.

                 I was walking down the hall when I heard Faith yell my name. I stopped and turned around. Her and Scooter started to run to catch up with me. " Hey, the plan can still work" Scooter said putting his arm around me. " Well now that paps are going to say stuff like hes torn between two girls. Or that he is going back and forth between girls." I said. " We can fix it. We can say they just ended things badly and need to talk." Faith said pulling out her phone calling someone. I heard my name being call from behind Scooter. Scooter moved aside and I saw Justin standing there. " I'm sorry... She just wannted to talk. I shouldnt have gone. I dont want her. I dont want you to be with Austin. I dont want us to be togther for publicty. I want us togther.. forever." Justin said with tears falling down his eyes. I smiled that was the sweetest thing I heard him say. " Okay" I said slowly walking over to Justin. He opened his arms and I fit perfectly between them. " Well this is good" Faith said talking a picture. I hate how all she cares about is trying to get my name on the news or in magazines. It drives me crazy.


*************** Later on the day at the movie set. ********************************************

I was shooting my movie. Fans started to line up where the movie set was. It had gotten so crazy that they had to call extra police to come. I was shooting the sence when I try to commit suidcied for being bullied. I thought that since this movie was trying to get a message out there that we could donate some of the money made.It will go to a group that helps stop bullying. I'm 100% against bullying since I was bullied when I went to a normal school. I came from a family that didnt have tons of money. I was a well know girl in my school. I hate the word Popular but I was what someone would call popular and I still got bullied. I lost all my friends. Then I came to hollywood and thats how I stopped being bullied but not everyone can become an actress. " Marie" I heard my name being called. I turned around to see Austin standing at the gate. I walked over to the gate. " Hey babe" Austin said. " Hey we have to talk." I said putting my head down. " About what?" I looked up at him. " Umm I cant do this anymore...." I said. " What the movie?" Austin asked " Huh no us. I think that it's time that we see other people and move on" I said kind of slow. " By see other people you mean Justin." He said " Austin lets face it your not the best boyfriend you always put me down for everything I do or say." I said " I'm sorry I didnt know you felt that way. If I would have know I would have not done it." He said looking down. " Well I have to." I said turning to walk away. " Bye Marie" Austin said. I stopped " Bye Austin."


Justin's P.O.V.

         I was waiting for Marie at her movie set. There were a ton of people there watching the movie being filmed. She was a really good actress. She is in almost every movie made in the last 3 years. I always heard about how much attention she has gotten and how good she was but I never talked to her until now. I saw her walking out. She was so beautiful she was wearing a purple skin tight dress with black heels. It seems like she always dresses up. She walked over to my car and got in. " Hey" I said She smiled " Hey". " So any news?" She laughed " Actually yeah I broke up with Austin" She said. " Ohh I thought you were going to do it tomorrow?" I asked. She looked forward. " I was going to but I thought since he showed up here why not do it now since I could do it in person." I started the car " Ohh" Just then both of our phones went off. We both looked at them. Scooter sent me a picuture message. I opened it. I couldnt believe what I saw. It was Selena and Austin kissing outside Selenas house. " Did Scooter send you" She cut me off " Yupp".


Selenas P.O.V.

      Austin Mahone texted me saying " Hey Marie just broke up with me for Justin" I couldnt believe she thinks she is going to date my man. First she comes and still the movie spotlight from me and now my man I dont think so. I text Austin back telling to be at my house in 10 mintues. I had a plan to get Justin back.


Austin pulled up and I told him the plan. Paps were following him to my house. The plan was to fake up dating so that Justin would get jealous and want me back. The first thing we did was kiss knowing the paps would take the picuture then we went inside to talk about it. Justin was going to be mine again...

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