Catching feelings

HIi I'm Marie. I'm a actress. i'm 17 and in a releastionship with Austin Mahone. I get a lot of attention of Paps. and boys but my manager wants me to reach out to a girls. I was bullied when I was in school so my manager Faith thinks that if I secretly date Austin but publicly date Justin Bieber I can reach out to girls. there is one thing I hate about this idea... I cant stand Justin.


11. talk

Marie's P.O.V.

           I broke the kiss and looked at Selena. " I'm sorry to bother you though" Selena said walking towards the door. " No wait" Justin said walking over to her. " Selena I still have feeling for you but I'm with Marie now. You hurt me. Thats why I want to see where marie and i go before going to you. I love her" He said. Selena hugged him and walked out. Justin turned to me. I ran up and jumped on him wrapping my legs around him. " I love you to Bieber" I said kissing him. He walked me over to the couch with out breaking the kiss. He layed me down and got on top of me. Our tounges met. He ran his hands up my leg. I wrapped my arms around his head. He started to take off  his shirt. I smiled at the 8 pack right in my face. " You like what you see baby?" He said. " Ohh yes" I said. He leaned closer. " How about my dick" I just smiled. I didnt know what to say. He was about to take off my shrit when we heard " not on my couch." I looked past Justin and I saw Alfredo standing there with Twist. I just laughed. Justin looked up and laughed. " What about your bed?" I said laughing. Justin looked at me and started laughing. " I cant even" Alfredo said laughign. " Ohh Justin we need to talk" I said. " Ohhhh " Twist said. " Yo gettin dumped" Twist said. I laughed " No yo not" I said. " lets go up stairs." i said grabbing his hand leading him up stairs.



I walked into the exta room. I sat on the bed. " Okay umm when we you know do it, we I mean you need to wear a condom." I said. Justin looked up at me. " Do you not want to be the mother of my baby?" He said. " No baby thats not it. I just dont want a baby right now. I'm young." I said. Justin leaned closer. " For you I can do anything" He said kissing me. Laying me on the bed. " Lets just lay here. Forever... Please" Justin said. I laughed. Then we layed there. In eachothers arms not saying a word until we feel asleep.


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