Catching feelings

HIi I'm Marie. I'm a actress. i'm 17 and in a releastionship with Austin Mahone. I get a lot of attention of Paps. and boys but my manager wants me to reach out to a girls. I was bullied when I was in school so my manager Faith thinks that if I secretly date Austin but publicly date Justin Bieber I can reach out to girls. there is one thing I hate about this idea... I cant stand Justin.


1. Plan

Marie's P.O.V.

     I was waiting for my boyfriend Austin Mahone to pick me up from my movie set. I was currlenty fliming a movie about bulling. I was bullied so I am good for the part. I'm in tons of movies but I think my manger Faith wants me to be in another because she wants me to meet her a studio. Which is wired because I dont sing unless she is finally got me a part in a musical. I want to be in a musical so bad. I saw Austins car. He pulled up right infront of me. I got into the passernger seat. " Hey babe" I said. He didnt look at me " Hey" He seems like he is always in a bad mood.


We pulled up to the studio. There were tons of Paps there. I got out. " Marie" they all yelled. I posed for a couple pictures and I signed a couple things then walked inside. " Why do you sing and talk to them?" Austin asked. " Uhh because that's what they want and it's not going to kill me to take a couple pictures." I said walking to room 12. I opened the door but at first I thought I was in the wrong room because I saw Justin Bieber but then I heard Faith say come on in. We walked into the room and sat in the two empty seats. " Faith if you want me to be in another movie your crazy..." I started but she cut me off " No hun I know" She said " Okay then what is this?" I looked at everyone in the room. Scooter Justin's manager said " Well you have tons of fans that are guys and Justin needs to make this whole Jelena thing disapear." He said " Well is guys liking me bad?" I asked. " No you know thats what we wannted but now we want you to reach out to girls" Faith said " Okay but what do I have to do with Justin?" I asked. Scooter and Faith looked at each other. " Justin how bad to you want this Jelena thing to go away?" Scooter asked him Justin looked at him " Bad" He said. " Okay so here is our plan, You guys are going to go out but it will be fake." Scooter said My mouth droped " like date only for attention" Justin said. " No Scooter and I thought if you guys faked dated then the Jelena thing would go away and Marie you will reach out to girls" I was kind of upset " What about Austin?" I asked looking at him. " You guys will have to break up or date in secret" Austin moved up to me " If it's for you caree I wont care but ( He looks at Justin ) If you make out, or fuck her I swear I will beat the fuck out of you" He said. " I wont I promise" Justin said. " Okay since you came in with Austin this is the perfect time. Justin you and her will walk out toghter okay?" Scooter said. Justin nodded. " Lets go " Justin said getting up. I hugged Austin and gave him a kiss. " I love you" I said " I love you too" Austin replied. I grabbed Justin's arm and we walked out the door. " Are you sure you want to do this?" Justin asked " yeah" Justin grabbed my hand and we walked out in front of all the paps. " Marie where is Austin?" a pap asked. " inside". A pap asked Justin " Is this your new girlfriend?" Justin didnt say anything. He just turned me around and kissed my lips. I felt something I havent felt in a long time.... Butterflies. Justin pulled away and we got into his car.



I will update soon. Iam currently moving and wont have internet at the new house until friday but I'm going try and find away to update. I will try my hardest.

                         Thanks for reading Kat XXXX

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