Catching feelings

HIi I'm Marie. I'm a actress. i'm 17 and in a releastionship with Austin Mahone. I get a lot of attention of Paps. and boys but my manager wants me to reach out to a girls. I was bullied when I was in school so my manager Faith thinks that if I secretly date Austin but publicly date Justin Bieber I can reach out to girls. there is one thing I hate about this idea... I cant stand Justin.


6. first time

Marie's P.O.V.

       Justin wannted me to go to his house for dinner so I did. We pulled up to his house. He had like 10 cars in his parking area. " Not all these are mine. My friends must be here." He said. " Ohh" I said getting out. I wish it could just be Justin and I but I guess his friends arent all that bad. We walked up to his front door and he held the door open for me " Thank You" I said smiling he was such a genltmen. How could Selena ever hurt him. In his kitchen was Lil Za, Alfredo, Niall, Lil Twist, Ryan and Chaz. " Aye Niall. Where are the other boys" Justin said walking over to where they were sitting." visting someone" Niall said. I felt kind of wired being the only girl. " Are you a fan of my band?" Niall asked me looking down at my braclet. It said One Direction. I smiled " Yes I am" I said. Niall smiled " Well I'm also a fan of you... I love your movies. I really enjoyed the summer one." Niall laughed. " Yeah  that was really fun to film... except how I was in a binki the whole time." I said looking at Justin who was smiling. " Yeah thats why I enjoyed it." Niall said. I started to blush. Justin noticed because he hurried and said " Anyways guys this is my new girl Marie". I didnt like how he said his new girl. It was like her had a lot of others. " What do you guys want to do?" Za asked. " Let the lady choose" Ryan said looking at me. " Huh I dont care what we do" I said looking at Justin. " All of you guys are a pain. Lets watch a movie" Justin said grabbing my hand leading me to the screening room. He had a room that was one big couch with a huge t.v. Justin walked me to the end closes to the wall. He sat next to me and pulled the blanket that was there over the both of us. " Okay so what movie?" Justin asked looking at the boys. " Spring Breakers" Chaz yelled grabbing the disk. " But Selena is in that and.." Justin started to say but Chaz cut him off " she is in there not even half of the movie. It will be fine." He said putting it in. I didnt want to watch it because she was in it. I felt Justin kiss my forehead. I smiled and cuddled up to him.


When the movie started Justin looked at me  the whole time Selena was on the screen and when she wasnt he would watch the movie again. " Your the only one I want." He whispered in my ear. " Same here" I said looking up in his beautiful brown eyes. " Lets go somewhere we can be alone." He said. I smiled " Okay" I said.. He got up pulling me with him. " Where are you guys going?" Za asked Justin looked back at all the guys who were looking at us. " Huh to bed nite bros" Justin said contuining to walk. He picked me up bride style when we got to the stairs. " Justin what are you doing" I laughed. " Carrying my prinesses to bed" He said. I just laughed. He carried me into his room and put me on his bed. " Justin why are you so perfect?" I asked. He sat beside me " Perfect? I'm far from perfect." He said. " Justin your really not. You sing like an angel. Your hot as hell and you know how to treat a girl." I said He smiled " thats not perfect it's being a man" He laughed climing on top of me " You know who else is hot as hell?" He asked " Who" I laughed. He smiled " You are". I bit my bottom lip. I then felt Justins lips to mine. I kissed him back of course. He licked my bottom lip as if asking for permisson. I of course let him in. He layed me down on his bed and he climed on top of me without breaking the kiss. I put my hands threw his hair. He slowly started to take of my shirt. Something he didnt know was I was a virgin. I never had the balls to do it. I always thought I would get preganunt. He got my shirt over my head. He stopped kissing me for a second and looked at my boobs through my bra. " Dont take this the wrong way but damn your fine" He said I just laughed and kissed him. " He started to take his shirt off. He threw it across the room when he finally got it off. He then kissed down my neck and my stomache and stoped when he got to my shorts. He unbottoned my shorts and slowly slid them down. I kind of had a scared look on my face and he noticed becuase he stopped and said " Anything wrong?" I looked at him " Umm Justin I'm a virigin and I'm scared" I said in shame. " Hey babe it's okay. I will make it hurt as less as I can." he said I nodded. He finished pulling my shorts down. " Oh I forgot somthing" He said jumping off the bed. He grabbed a lighter and lite the candles around his room and turned off the light, then locking the door before he came back to the bed. He took of his pants and boxers. His dick was huge. I got nerovus after looking at it. I knew this was going to hurt. Justin pulled my underwear down and I took off my bra. He pushed my legs apart. " Nod when you ready" He said putting his dick at my enterance. I looked up and nodded. He slowly pushed in and a rush of pain went through my whole body. He pushed further in but faster this time. A tear fell from my face becasue of the pain. " Do you want me to stop. I dont want to hurt you at all" Justin said. " It's okay just keep going " I said. He pushed all the way I jumped from the pain. He slowly started to thrust in and out of me. He started to move a lot faster. I put my legs on his hips so he could go deeper. A moan escaped from both of our mouths. His bed frame was slamming against the wall making a tons of noise. I'm sure all the guys heard it down stairs. Justin lasted about 4 mintues before I felt his cum inside of my body. He then layed next to me on the bed pulling the sheets around us. I turned to face him. He smiled and said " Marie your so beautiful.. and Thank you for letting me take somthing from you thats so important I promise I wont let you down" He said laying a kiss on my forehead. I smiled. He moved me as closes as he could to him. We both fell asleep in eachothers arms.


Thanks so much for reading it truly means a lot!!. Oh and if you guys havent notice I update between 11pm and 3am. So make sure you check around that time or in the morning. but school will be starting soon so I'm going to update a lot this week until thursday because I start school then but Thanks again. Let me know what you guys thinkk...

                           - Kat XXXX

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