Catching feelings

HIi I'm Marie. I'm a actress. i'm 17 and in a releastionship with Austin Mahone. I get a lot of attention of Paps. and boys but my manager wants me to reach out to a girls. I was bullied when I was in school so my manager Faith thinks that if I secretly date Austin but publicly date Justin Bieber I can reach out to girls. there is one thing I hate about this idea... I cant stand Justin.


7. Ellen

Marie's P.O.V.

                  I woke up and was wrapped in Justin's arm... I turned to look at the clock. " Shit" I yelled jumping up. I had a interview in an hour and wasnt ready at all. I saw a notepad and a pen on Justin's desk. I didnt want to wake up so I just wrote him a note

                                     Justin, Hey I had to leave I have an interview and

                                           I didnt want to wake you. I will call you after my


                                                     - Marie..

I ran down stairs hoping someone would be up. I went into the living room. All the boys were up. " Hey can one of you guys pretty please give me a ride home. I have an interview in like an hour." I said. Niall jumped up " I will" He said grabbing his keys from the table. He walked infront of me so I just followed. We got outside and got into his car. " So are you and Justin dating?" Niall asked once we started to drive down the road. " Huh Yes we are" I said. " Ohh you know we heard you guys yesterday." Niall said ending with a little laugh. " Ohh you did" I said laughing harder than he was. " If Justin ever hurts you I will kill him for you okay?". I just laughed " okay". He put in a cd but I didnt see what it was. I heard one of the best songs ever it was What Makes You Beautiful. " sing it with me. I know you like the band" Niall said then started to sing. I just laughed and sung along with him. We were singing and dancing while driving down the road. Once the song was over we were at my house. I got out " Thanks so much Niall.. " I said turning away. " Bye Marie' Niall said then backed out of the drive way. I ran inside and got into the shower. I jumped in and put shampoo in and rised my hair and got out. I had to hurry I dont have every much time. I wrapped the towel around me and went to my closet. I put on a pink dress I grabbed my silver heels to go with it. I went to the bathroom and started to blow dry my hair. My phone went off. It was Faith


F- Hey I will be there in like 20 mintues okay?

M- Okay I'm about to do my make up and I will be done.

F- Okay

I hung up the phone. I lied I had to do my hair. I have a girl cook so I just pressed the busser. I heard her coming running up the stairs. " Yes Marie" She said " Hey could you strighten my hair for me. I dont have much time." I said. She just smiled and picked up the strightener. I grabbed my make up back and started with that. " I know it's none of my bussiness but may I ask why you have been gone this week?" She asked not taking her eyes from my hair. " Umm Yeah I was just you know hanging out with Justin.. We are actully datin now I think at least." I said putting on lipstick. " Ohh are you guys still doing the whole plan thing?" She asked " Yeah we are. You know I have a question for you. Justin and I did it last night would you mind picking me up a pregnancy test and I will take it in like a week?" I asked her . Her eyes got big. " Yeah of course"She said putting the strightener down. " okay here is some money for it thank you so much." I said laying 20 dollars on the bathroom sink. I ran down stairs because Faith started to call me. I ran out the door and her and Scooter were siting in the car. Why was Scooter in the car. I walked over to the car and got in. " Hey are you ready?" Faith asked. I just laughed " I have done tons of theses I will be fine" I said putting on my seat belt. " So I was talking to Scooter and you know how you wannted to be in a musical?" Faith said looking at me in the mirror. " huh Yeah" I said. " Well If he thinks you can sing he will sign you to his record lable and that would help us get you in one." She said  I screamed in excitment. " But Marie he would have to become another manager of your it wouldnt just be me." She said. I looked at Scooter " umm Okay " I said. Scooter looked back at me " You do have to know something though I dont let the people I manage date eachother. So this plan might not work we can wait until after to sign you or just not worry about it anymore" Scooter said. My mouth dropped " You guys cant just make me date someone and then let me get to know him and then take him away thats messed up" I yelled " Marie calm down,  I guess I will have to keep trying myself I guess but no promises." She said " Umm No Your my manager... There are tons of proudcers that want me to be in there movies. That you dont let me take and I'm sick and tired of you " Trying" because you have been " Trying " for two years now. " I said rolling my eyes. No one said anything the whole car ride.


We pulled up and it was like 2 mintues before my interview. Ellen was talking to Ne-Yo right now. I loved him he was so hott. " I want a picture with him could you ask him to stay?" I asked Faith. She just nodded. I think I kind of hurt her feelings but I dont care. She doesnt ever do anything I want to do and Its my caree. " Okay now welcome Some one I love coming on here Mis Marie" Ellen said. A guy gave me a mic and I put it on my shirt and walked out. I walked out and gave her a huge and sat down.

E- It's nice have you again. How have you been?

Me- It's great to be back and I have been fine. 

E- So I want to get right to this question so I can move on with the interview. Everyone want to know what is going on with this?

She said putting up a picuture of Justin and I kissing at my Movie set. 

I just laughed and looked back at her

E- Are you togther or not

Me- We're togther.

E- Thats cute. I'm not going to lie you guys look really cute togther.

Me- Haha thanks. 

E- So how is the movie

Me- It acutully coming along great. I love the plot line. I have one more sence to do and it's done.

E- When is it coming out?

Me- Acutully sooner than any movie ever. It will be in theathers in 2 weeks from friday because they want to movie for the anti-bully fair in New York. 

E- Wow thats soon and I know that you have a suprise for everyone here today. 

Me- I do everyone in the audiance gets two free ticket to see it at any theater opening night. Oh Ellen I have a somthing for you to. I got you and your wife two ticket to see it at the premiere of it in L.A. and you both get to walk on the red carpet and you sit front row!

E- That's awesome now I wont have to go and pay for it so if I dont like it, then I wont waste money. 

She said to where I know she was joking. She asked a few more questions then I was done. I only had 15 mintues today. I finished and went to Faiths car without saying one word to her or Scooter. 


Sorry it took so long for me to publish this one. I wrote some of it then came back to it. I did start school today so somedays I might get busy but I will update as soon as I can.. As always Thanks for reading. 

 -Kat XXXX 

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