Catching feelings

HIi I'm Marie. I'm a actress. i'm 17 and in a releastionship with Austin Mahone. I get a lot of attention of Paps. and boys but my manager wants me to reach out to a girls. I was bullied when I was in school so my manager Faith thinks that if I secretly date Austin but publicly date Justin Bieber I can reach out to girls. there is one thing I hate about this idea... I cant stand Justin.


2. " Date "

Justin's P.O.V.

          I woke up this morning and had nothing to do. I went on twitter and I saw was Jelena. Selena and I arent getting back togther I wish people could stop talking about us. I hope this plan works. I mean if it doesnt I guess I could actully find a girl. Marie is actully really pretty. I watch movies with her in it. She is a really good actress I just never had the chance to talk to her. It's too bad she is with Austin. I guess I can text her and ask if she wants to hang out today. I pulled out my phone and texted her.

Me- Hey It's Justin

Her- Hey

Me- Do you have plans today?

Her-No why?

Me- I was wondering if you wannted to go somewhere and hangout?

Her- Yeah that would be great!

Me- Pick you up in 30 mintues?

Her- Okay see you then

I put my phone down and went up stairs to get ready.



Marie's P.O.V.

     I was getting ready to go with Justin somewhere when Austin called

Austin- Hey babe

Me- Hey

Austin- What are you doing?

Me- Getting ready to go with Justin why?

Austin - Whaat the hell I thought I was your boyfriend

Me- Y-yyou..

Austin- No call me when your not with him.

He hung up the phone and contuined to get ready. Austin wouldnt be mad for to long I hope. I put on a belly shirt that was white and sparkly then some hollister shorts with some toms. I grabbed my phone and did my make up and waited down stairs for Justin.


The door opeened and Justin was standing there. I have to say he was kinda cute. " Aye... ready?" Justin said with a half smile. " yeah" I closed the door behind me and walked outside. Justin had brought his cheeta print ferri. " I love your car" I said He opened the passenger door for me "Well thanks" I smiled and got in. He jumped into the the car and drove off. He was going really fast. " Bieber dont kill me" I said half laughing. He looked at me and smiled and went faster. " Justin" I yelled. " Do you not like going fast?" I laughed. " When someone good is driving" I laughed. " Hey I'm a good driver" He said putting his right hand on his chest. " Haha Sure" I said. He smiled " thats it." He said. He drove down the road and turned on a back road. There was a nothing but dirt. He started driving faster and driving in small circles like in the boyfriend music video. " Justin" I yelled laughing. " Say I'm a good driver" He said I smiled " In your dreams Bieber" I said. " Say it" He went faster " Okay fine your a good driver."  I yelled. He stopped the car. " you messed up my hair" I said looking in the mirror. I heard him giggle. " Its not funny" I said He gave me the oh poor baby look. 



Justin drove us to a resturant. Of course there was already paps following us. So they surrounded the door. We got out and went inside. " Table for two" Justin said to the girl at the desk. She walked us over to a table right away. " Here you go " She said handed menus. I smiled " Thank you"I said. " So tell me about you and huh" Justin started " Austin" I laughed " Ya him." I looked at him " huh well I mean he is a good boyfriend when he wants to be. " Justin eyes got wide. " What" I said laughing. " Marie your a beautiful girl and you need treated good all the time not just when he wants to treat you good" He said. I smiled " Thanks". " So what happened with you and Selena" Justin looked up. " Huh she is a good person and I care about her and always will you know because of our history it's just my fans dont like and she keeps messing with my head." I looked down " Ohh my sorry. Your a good person and you derseve someone that will treat you like a king" I said. He smiled and licked his lips " maybe we can be that someone for each other." I just laughed " Maybe" I said. We ordered and ate. We talked about the plan and about my new movie and his new album. Justin is actully really nice and understandable. I think we can acutlly become really good friends.


Guess what guys I didnt know that I can hook my labtop up to my phone for internet. I asked my mom if she could get internet over here faster and she was like Kathleen Just hook it up to your phone. It's kind of sad my mom knows more about technology than I do. Anyways my chapters might be a little short because we have to unpack and paint so I dont have a ton of time. Thanks for reading and tell me what you think..

                         - Kat XXXX

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