The date is September 22, 2020. All the boys are married, except Harry. Liam and an adorably sweet girl named Elizabeth have been married for three years and have a two year old girl named Daisy. Niall married a brilliant girl named Kate two years ago and have a little one year old boy named Connor. Zayn and Perrie have been married 6 years and have a five year old boy named Emmett and a two year old girl named Mimi. Louis got married 5 years ago to a hilarious girl named Sara and has a five year old girl named Tamma, a three year old boy named Christian, and a one year old girl named Sky. Now Harry, he still hadn't found his perfect girl. He was starting to believe he never would. He has a six month old daughter named Darcy. Who's mom left her on his door step and moved to god knows where. One Direction is over, though they still have a concert once a year on their anniversary. They are still best friends, brothers. Always there for each other. And right now, Louis needs them.


2. Haven't You Ever Heard Of Miracles

 Harry's Prospective:


          A month after that horrible night I was sitting on a bar stool. Elizabeth and Liam were watching Darcy for me tonight. After a month of this I already just wanted to die. I know that Sara is feeling the same. I haven’t talked to Louis yet, I don’t think I could. I have to be strong for his family, for the group. I’m the strong one; I’m that one that doesn’t let anything affect me. That’s what they all think. Only Lou knows about the scares on my thigh.

           I take another ship of my beer at the thought. Lou has been the one supporting me all this time and I can’t even fucking look him in the face when he’s dying. Dying, he’s dying. I take another sip. Lou is the only reason I kept Darcy in the first place. I didn’t think I could be a dad, but Lou knew I could. “You’re going to be the best dad ever! You’re going to be fantastic! And anyway, you have me to help you out!” That’s what Lou had said. He said he would help me, and now he’s leaving me, leaving us. What am I supposed to do now? I can’t raise a child on my own. Yeah I have the rest of the boys, but I can’t talk to them the way I can with Lou. I take another drink, finishing my fifth beer.

           Caught up with my thought’s I didn’t notice that the bartender had come over until- “Hello.” says a beautiful voice from in front of me. I look up to see the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She has long pencil straight white blonde hair, which in this light looked almost silvery. Her skin is the same color and just as flawless as a porcelain doll. Her cheeks are rosy and she has freckles across her nose and cheekbones. Her eyes though, they seemed to be every color, yet no color at all. Shimmering blue one minute and then what seemed liked gold another.

           “Hello.” I reply.

           She gives me a pure white smile that warms my heart. “Refill?”

           I smile back at her and say, “That would be lovely.”

           “Okay.” She says turning away. A moment later she place another beer in front of me. “So what’s your reason?”

           “What do you mean?” I ask.

           “The look on your face, I can tell something’s bothering you. You know what are bartender for, if not someone to talk to?” she asks smirking.

           “I guess you're right…” I say looking down at my beer.

           “I often am.” She says and I look up and she’s smiling.

           “My friend, you see my best friend is dying.” I say looking down and taking a sip of my beer.


           “Yeah, lung cancer. There’s no cure and the chances of this ending well are one in a million. I can’t even look at him. I haven’t seen him since I found out, let alone talk to him. I just don’t know what to do once he’s gone.” I say tears forming in my eyes.

           “Hey,” She says lifting my head to look at her. The feeling of her hand on my cheek sent a warmth and almost, happiness, throughout my body. “Don’t mark him off as dead yet. You said it was one in a million right?” I nod. “Well there is always that one. Anyway, Haven’t you ever heard of miracles?” She says with a small smile.

           “Believe me I’ve been praying more in the past month then I think I have ever prayed in my life.” I sigh taking another sip of my beer.

           “And I’m sure god or whatever is up there is listening.”

           “I hope.” I say taking another sip and looking down.

           “Keep up that hope and you’ll be fine.”

           “Thanks.” I say looking up to see no one there.



Hey again guys! So sorry it's been SO LONG I know it must have sucked! But I'm back and I have so amazing (at least in my eyes) chapters coming out soon for you!

Xx Rebecca


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