Every Little Things Starts With You (Niall)

A 18 year old girls named Amber has the worst life any one could ever think of having.On her 19 birthday her mother and fater go to get her a gift,little does she know her parents get into a car accident and were pronounced dead at the sceen.will she run into her long lost cousin at their grave cite and fall in love with one of his friends or will she be destined to be alone?


2. worst day ever

                      I wake back up from my sleep realizing that my parents were gone I grabed my phone to call and see where they went.RING RING RING hello my mom answers hey where are you I asked worried? we are at the store getting your birth day gift.Okay call me when your on your way home love you. I ran to the kitchen to get a drink when my phone rang. I ran to answer thinking it would be my mom but instead it was an unknown number. Hello the voice answers who is this? I ask curiosity taking over my body. Im sorry but your parents were in a car accident and were pronounced dead at the seen ma'am. I drop the phone and ran to the bathrom splashing water on my face thinking it was a dream but it wasnt.              

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