Little Things

* Marcel Fanfic *
Marcel doesn't get why this girl in school likes him. She is way to beautiful for him, at least that's what he thinks. He thinks he just a nerd!


8. Three Out Of Three

Me and Harry haven't talked in the past two days, same with me and Ed. I need a friend, so I decided with Niall. I like Niall, so maybe being near another crush of mine will cheer me up.

I changed into my grey long sleeve shirt that says in black letters: 'you don't understand' and black leggings. I put my hair in a braid and applied mascara.

Niall rang the doorbell, I opened the door.

"Hey babe!" Niall kissed my cheek.


We decided to go out to brunch.

Me and Niall sat down in the booth.

"So, do you know why Harry has been upset?" Niall questioned.

"No" I said quickly.

Niall squinted his eyes at me.


Niall walked me to my house, and I reached for my keys inside my pocket.

He looked into my eyes, "I had a really good time!"

"Me too" I said and smiled.

"You have beautiful eyes" He whispered. I blushed.

"So do you!"

He slowly leaned in and put his lips on mine. Niall saw my glassy eyes and tears formed.

"I.. I have to go. I had fun, thanks."

I closed the door and slid down it, what the heck.

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