Little Things

* Marcel Fanfic *
Marcel doesn't get why this girl in school likes him. She is way to beautiful for him, at least that's what he thinks. He thinks he just a nerd!


7. The Boys

Jessica's Pov:


Me and Harry acted like the kiss never happened, I mean if we kiss it doesn't mean we talk about it then become a couple.


Anyway, I am hanging with the boys today. As in boys, I mean One Direction. I admit, I'm kind of nervous. I've never been into all that band stuff, so no I do not know what they look like. And I'm not going to take the effort, because I'll see them today.

I stretched and stood up, the sound of the wind came through my window. I looked out my window to see snow dancing with the wind.

My phone lit up,

From: Harry

Hey Jess! You still coming to meet the boys?

To: Harry


I popped two pieces of bread into the toaster. After eating I started getting ready.


                                                            (Pictures only shown online)


As I started driving 'Give Me Love' by Ed Sheeran came on, if you didn't already know I'm a hardcore Sheerio.

I started singing along to my favorite part.

"M-my my, m-my my, m-my my, give me love, lover"

"GIVE ME LOVE, LOVE ME" I screamed.

The person in the other car gave me a weird look, oh well. The light turned green and I began to drive.

After 5 more minutes of driving, I reached 1D's house. Harry then came outside.

"Hey Jess!" 


"Don't be nervous, they'll like you, their nice guys. Oh, that reminds me, Ed's here too."


"Sheeran, he's a great guy."

Okay, I'm dead.

We walked inside, I was greeted by many different voices. 

"Hi, I'm Jess" I said.

"We know, Harry talks, and talks, and talks, about you all the time!" Louis said. 

I laughed and looked at Harry, he looked down.

"Hey babe, I like your phone case!" Ed chuckled.

 My phone case was him. Embarrassing. 

I slipped my phone into my purse. 

"Hah, thanks!" I said nervously.

We all walked into this huge room, and played the classic 20 questions.

"1. Favorite singer/band?" Ed asked.

"You" I said and looked at him.  He looked surprised. 

"2. Celebrity crush?" Niall asked.

"Hah, can't tell"

They all looked sad.

~skip 20 questions~

"None of us can cook.. so do you want to go out?" Liam asked.

"I can cook..?"

"Would you want to cook?" 


The boys went off while I started cooking, I decided to cook tacos.

 I layed out the taco shells carefully, and placed them in the oven to cook a little.When the meat started to turn brown I poured in the packet of taco flavoring. I let it completely cook while I stirred the meat.

We all started to eat, Niall was done after five minutes, and he had 4 tacos. 

He came up and got on one knee, uhh. "Marry me? Your food is amazing" He picked me up and ran to a bedroom, "WE'RE GOING ON OUR HONEY MOON BOYS" Niall screamed. "We're going to trick them to think I'm asking you out." 

The boys knocked, "So Jess, I was wondering would you be my girlfriend?"

"Of course Niall!"

When we opened the door everybody fell over. 

"So you guys are dating? Awwww!" Louis exclaimed.

Ed and Harry looked sad. 

"TRICKED YOU!" Me and Niall screamed.

We spent the rest of night playing games, talking, etc. 

"So I don't feel like driving you home Ed.." Louis said half asleep. 

"Yeah man, we don't either" Niall said.

"I can" I offered.

"Are you sure?" Ed questioned.

"Yeah sure, no problem."

We said goodbye and started walking to my car. 

Ed started playing on my Ed Sheeran cd, oops. I quickly took it out and Ed smirked. 

"Hey, can I see that cd?" He took it from my hands. 

"Nice, that guy is really good!" 

~ skip car ride ~

We got to his house, "Why don't you stay a bit?" 

He took my hand. 

"Beer?" He offered.

"No thanks" I said.

We took one from his fridge, and sat down next to me on the couch. We started talking and I could sense he was drunk. 

He looked into my eyes, and started kissing me. I was so caught up in the moment I didn't think about Harry or Niall.

We were still kissing, when the door opened. There was Harry, "Uh, sorry. Ed you left you phone" 

Harry put on the table and slammed the door. 

"HARRY!" I screamed, I ran outside when he drove away.

Tears streamed down my face as I fell asleep. 

I woke up in Ed's arms, I jumped up and woke him up.

"Oh, uh, sorry. I guess I'll go." Remembering last night, me and Ed kissed, Harry storming out.

I started the car when he stood at his front door, leaning on the glass.





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