Little Things

* Marcel Fanfic *
Marcel doesn't get why this girl in school likes him. She is way to beautiful for him, at least that's what he thinks. He thinks he just a nerd!


4. Am I really that stupid?

Jessica's POV

   I walked up the steps of my school. I wasn't particularly inspired to get up this morning. I pulled my beanie down a little father on my head. (I've been standing up for this guy who acts like a dork but is has been lying to me and is really in a world famous boy band. Am I really that dumb to think that there was one guy at this school who was decent? "I'm so freaking stupid..." I mumbled to myself. I went down the hall way being greeted by people. (I'm not that you would call a "popular" people just seemed to like hanging around me. I gave small waves to them but continued to my first class. (English... It wasn't an all bad class in fact I usually enjoy it but Marce- I mean Harry was in it. I really didn't feel like talking to him. At all really. I slipped into my desk and stared down at it's smooth grain and the random names that were carved in it every few inches.

  "Okay class today we are talking about...." (I pretty much zoned out after that. I paid no attention to Marcel sitting a few desk's away from me. He kept trying to catch my eye but I wouldn't turn his way. The bell rang taking me out of my thought's. I quickly grabbed my bag and raced out of the door. (Next class. Please make it to next class!

"Hey Jess!" A familiar voice called out. I kept walking. "Jess wait up!" I stopped. Someone grabbed my four arm and turned me around.

"What do you want?" I asked bluntly. Harry looked at me with concerned eyes underneath his thick glasses.

"I was just wondering if you would like to come to my house and study after school?" He asked.

"I'm sorry I can't..." I said. He looked down.

"Oh... That's ok... I-I'll see you in Biology.." He said walking away from me. I felt bad but I didn't let it effect me. I simply put on a fake smile and continued on with school. I walked into math and was about to sit down.

"Hey Babe..." Someone said from behind me. I groaned and turned. As I suspected Josh was sitting there smirking to himself. I turned back around and tried to grab something out of my bag. "Did you know you have a nice butt?" He asked. I glared at him.

"Your an idiot..." I growled.

"You know your attracted to me. I see it." He said coming up close to me.

"Josh just leave me freaking alone!" I said pushing him away.

A/N Hey guys so I will be Co- Authoring this story! I hope you guys enjoyed today's chapter. I know it wasn't real long I'm sowwy!!!! Not a whole lot of inspiration today... Anywho! Love to all the readers!                                                         

                                                                          -Love Actually

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