I Can't Decide..

Sophie moved to the UK to live with her friend, Riley, for the next 3 months while her parents are on a b trip to LA to help produce a new movie, so that means that she will be having to go to a new school. ''I'm SO not looking forward to this!" Sophie whines "Jesus Sophie, shut up already your going!'' Riley laughs with a bit of annoyance in her voice. Sophie knows how shy she can be but she decides to just suck it up. But will she find the boy that she likes? Or like him and her other 4 friends like she always falls for boys? You'll just have to read to find out :)


2. Off to the UK

"Finally! All done packing" I say with a smile while I go to check the clock that read 7:30 "still some time to spare we all know what I'm gonna do" I grab my phone and text Riley, go on instagram, twitter, and play dumb ways to die until I fall asleep 10:00


I hear 'Lazy Song by Bruno Mars' start to play and I start to groan and cover my head in my pillow, but then it starts to annoying me so I turn off my alarm clock. I see my door open and my mom pecks her head inside my room "morning soph hurry up brush your teeth, wash your face, take a shower if you want, brush your hair, and clean your were leaving in an hour." she says quickly and closes the door. I groan.

I do all she says and get in the shower listening to 'Everybody Talk by Neon Trees' once I dry myself off I wrap the towel around my body and hair and walk out into my room and grab the clothes I left out the day before: A hilo sky blue thick strapless shirt with a cardigan, black jeggings, and dark brown combact boots. I put my pajamas and towels in the hamper across the hall in the laundry room. I start to make my bed singing along  to 'Some Nights by Fun' after that I grabs my IPhone from the stereo and take one last glimpse at my room, get my suitcase and other bags and head out of my room.


We arrive at the airport, check our bags, and get on the plane. The whole ride there I was listening to music and texting Riley

'on the plane :)'

'yay! I cant wait to see u again! how long has it been? 2-3 years?'

'about so how is the school there?'

'pretty good actually, one thing that I just don't like about it though'

'and whats that?'

' I have to go there DX'

' lol well im gonna go to sleep see you at the airport :)'

'ok bye ily :*'

'ily too :)'


AUTHORS NOTE: So there was the second chapter sorry it wasn't so good but I tried my best XD and im might add more characters so if you want one read the other authors note and it will be there how to get the ''part'' good luck! -louisthetomotomlinson5995

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