I Can't Decide..

Sophie moved to the UK to live with her friend, Riley, for the next 3 months while her parents are on a b trip to LA to help produce a new movie, so that means that she will be having to go to a new school. ''I'm SO not looking forward to this!" Sophie whines "Jesus Sophie, shut up already your going!'' Riley laughs with a bit of annoyance in her voice. Sophie knows how shy she can be but she decides to just suck it up. But will she find the boy that she likes? Or like him and her other 4 friends like she always falls for boys? You'll just have to read to find out :)


1. Again??

''WHAT??!! MOM DAD!! THATS SO UNFAIR!!'' I yell at my parents.

" I'm sorry honey" my dad says " We've been through this before, it's our job and we can't really deny the offer" my dad says trying to cheer me up.

I make a disappointing groan slightly hoping he doesn't notice '' How long will you guys be there?''

'' Only 3 months'' my mom said smiling weakly at me

"3 MONTHS?!?!'' I almost yell, throwing my self on the couch "Please don't tell me I'm staying at grandma and grandpa's, every time  I go there stupid cats pee on me! PLUS, it really reeks in there'' I look up at them hopelessly.

My mom gives me a huge smile and I flash her a tell-me-already look and just like me my mom nearly shouts ''Riley!!!" I think that's where I got it from

"Really??? I'm going half way across the world??? Are you guys sure I kinda scared of sitting next to a guy with green hair and a big guy eating chicken wings on the plane" I say trying to sound as polite as I can.

My dad smiles "we will be on the plane with you, we will be leaving to LA after we get you settled"

I frown but I'm happy that I will be able to see my friend since birth again, its been a while. I hug them both and apologize for yelling and I run up the stairs and into my room searching for my phone. When I finally find it and call Riley telling her everything.

"I'm so happy that we will see each other again!" I say to her over the phone. I hear her laughing on the other line " why are you laughing??"

"I already knew" I hear her say on the other end of the line

"AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME??" I laugh with her.

'' You have no idea how hard it was not telling you but I  suggest that you start packing your leaving tomorrow"

''Tomorrow??'' And before I got to finish my word she hung up and I  just stand there laughing and start taking all my clothes out of their shelves  and closet.


AOTHER'S NOTE: Hi everybody thanks for reading my very first fan fic and hopefully you like it so far :) I might be adding more characters to the story so if you want one just put in the comment hair color, eye color, age, name, a part you want in the story, some words to describe your characters personality good luck :) -louisthetomotomlinson5995

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