Queen Me

Nicole's life is full of mani/pedi's, poodles and popularity, so what happens when fate,
takes away her luxury and replaces it with the basics. Can she replace her Jimmy Choo stilettos with wellies?


1. So Not Happening

I smiled as the girls oohed and ahhed over my nails.

I broke up with Dove Spa & Nails, my old favorite, after being exclusively loyal to them until they cheated on me.  Therefore, I've had un-fun nails and unattractive little toes for awhile but leaving them for a personal manicurist is so worth it!” I explained. My nails were tots fabulous.

I glared at Becky noticing her attention soo wasn't on me.

“Who,” I said, “Are you texting?”

“Mason,” She squeaked, colour draining from her face.

“Ewwww, Mason, you mean, Mason the creep that works at Pen& Co? Uuuh, who sells pens for a living,” I said. The girls mirrored my disgusted face.

“He's just doing it for the summer, to earn some extra cash-” Becky began, I was disgusted.

“Don't defend him!” I snapped, “Now leave.” Becky had never done anything for me and the mole under her eyes utterly repulsed me.

She went as pink as my Max Factor lipstick, getting up ready to scuttle away.

“But Nicole,” Nat whispered, “Her mums, a Loreal hair stylist, Becky get's us discounts there.”

“Your right and my highlights do look divine,”

“Wait,” I ordered, she turned around, “Stay, but don't ever talk about him again.”

She nods sitting back down.

“Nat, who is that?” I asked, sliding my Armani sunglasses down my nose.

“Bradely Miller, transferred here from Vermont, he's tots gorge' ,” Nat said.

“Oh, my gosh, he's perf' , like Brad Pitt, but dark haired with brown eyes and taller!” I shrieked. He had come in perf time, prom was only a year away. And then I saw who was with him.

“Why is Jam Tart with him?” She was tots gross. Her name was Jemima but we called her Jam Tart because her spots were always uber oozing something redder than my stilletos.

“Well Jemima’s tots pretty and she doesn't have boyfriend right?” Kat said, I didn't think I could tolerate her stupidity for much longer, even if she brought me that Prada bag from Paris last year. But I shouldn't have worried, Bradley, number one on the hotalosity scale was walking over.

“Your such a pro,” Nat said as he left. Dinner date in the bag and he said I was beau'.

“What can I say, Nicole Cracroft always gets what she wants!” I laughed and Nat, Tiana, Becky and the hundreds of other girls I tots didn't even have a name for, laughed with me. “Should we have chocolate ice cream to celebrate?” Tiana asked.

“No!It’s not healthy to have that many calories in one spoon and anyway only fat ugly losers like Jemima eat spoonfuls of fat!” I said. Nat giggled. Tiana nervously laughed, Becky just looked confused.

“So what’s next?” Tiana asked.

“Slimming down for my date dress of course size zero is the new size eight!” I said, I would have my fairytale ending. I could never go back to being a greasy haired reject like I was when I was friends with Jemima. She was tots awk' like 24/7, where as I was tots beau'. I was above all that now and very soon Bradley and I would be the talk of the school. Not that I wasn't a tots celeb anyway. I would parade him on my arm and everyone would be tots jeal'. Suddenly a man in a tots bor' suit walked towards me.


“ Nicole, I am very sorry to tell you this, but your father, has unfortunately passed away..."  The man said, I tots recognised him now, he was my unc' Dad said was a total peasant. None of the girls, hugged me, or said how sorry they were, like they were supposed to, like Melissa had done when my mum died. I was in total aggers and they all just had a major oogle fest. I stood up. “I want to go home, now!” I screamed and they flew off like tot gross flies.

"I'm sorry but that won't be happening Nicole you are going to stay with your cousins in England,” Unc' said, he so ddn't look soz but I so didn't care. I was going to England, everyone at school would be total jeal'. England was where real royalty lived. I bet I would be treated like a queen.


I looked at my cousin in horror, as he walked towards me in his hill billy dungarees, (nobody would be seen dead in those in LA,) and his...wellies! They said poor all over and if life couldn't get any worse, I looked behind him.  10 feet of mud covered like everything,  dirt and the pooh covered this icky place they called a farm. I stepped out of my fathers Benz, my brand new summer jimmy choos ruined. I sunk, I actually sunk in the dirt. Ben held his mud encrusted hands out in front of me, actually expecting my French manicured nails to touch his.

And then I saw the pig.

“Take me back, TAKE ME BACK!” I screamed at my chauffeur, but as I looked behind me I realized  whatever his name was, had gone, leaving my Louis V suitcase in the mud.

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