It's in her eyes

Elizabeth Cowell is a seventeen years old emotional wreck, but with good reasons. 3 months ago she was almost murdered. She was hospitalized for a month and suffers of posttraumatic stress disorder and depression. Since then, her father, Simon Cowell, doesn't let her little girl leave his sight. But everything changed when she meets One Direction.


2. i can't breath

Elizabeth pov:

I got out of the shower, feeling refreshed and a bit more balanced. I slipped into a pair of leggings since it's the only thing that fits me and i put on one of my old cheerleading hoodie that fit perfectly last month but now it's too big. It looks like i stoled my dads hoodie. I brushed my hair tying it in a high, messy ponytail. I don't feel like putting on makeup. 

I hold on tight to the railing and hopped on one leg halfway downstairs before my father came helped me. I can't believe i'm still going to be a month with this cast on my ankle. At least it's black so it matches with everything i wear. 

I sat down on the couch, waiting for Dr.Stuwarts to arrive when my dad was putting on his shoes and getting his keys. "Where are you going?" i asked a little panicking, i wasn't ready to be home alone. "Dr.Stuwarts can't come over today, he has a busy schedule but he still manage to have a spot for you. We just need to drive to his office" he said, knowing it would be hard to get me out of the house. 

Simon Cowell pov:

I knew just by the look on her face she was frighten to go outside, everything outdoors reminds her of what happen and i understand. She didn't say i word. She puts on her one shoe and got her crutches. I open the door to the car and she quickly sat. Her eyes were big and light, also her face got really pale. "Are you okay?" i asked starting the car. She nod and took my hand. 

The ride there was silent, she kept her eyes close but would start breathing breathing fast when we stop at a light. "Were here and theirs no paparazzi.. For once" i laughed helping her out of the car. 

"Stella Cowell, Dr.Stuwarts is ready for you" Katty, Dr.Stuwarts assistant said. Stella got up, and looked at me like she was waiting for me to bring her. "Honey, your safe here i promise" I said reassuring her. I took a deep breath and followed the lady to his office. 

Stella pov: 

 I took a deep breath and followed the lady to his office. A few minutes later he walks in and smiles at me. "Hello Stella" he has a really soothing voice. "Good morning John" i smiled back. He lets me call him by his first name cause he doesn't likes it when it's too formal. "so what's going on? Your dad mentions panic attacks but i'd like to hear what's happening from you" I take a deep breath, regretting coming here cause all he'll do is update my sleeping pills. But i promised my dad."i had the dream again" I see the shock pass over his face, i hadn't had the dreams after i got out of the hospital. "how many times? and when did it start?" he asks me. "This is my fifth time.. they started last week" i look down, tears threatening to leak out of the corner of my eyes. "Oh Stella.." he sights and sits beside me on the couch. "i just want to forget it all happened and be normal again but i can't" i whisper. "i think you can but your not letting yourself" he bravely said. "what do you mean?" i asked a little confused. "if you changed your mind, like invite some friends over, go to your dad little party tonight. I'm positive it will help you. You can't lock yourself in your house forever. If so, you'll always be like this" he explained. "it's the only place i feel safe" i whisper. "You should feel safe around your friends, i know for a fact they would do anything for you.. They came everyday to visit when you were in the hospital, they send you get well soon cards and flowers. You just have to give back the effort they made to keep contact with you, they miss you" he reassured me. I nod my head knowing if i wanted to get better, i knew what i had to do. I can't was my life like this anymore, it happen and i can't take it back, but i sure can let it in my past and move towards the future. 

We hugged as i thanked him for his time. Simon was patiently waiting reading the news paper like every morning. "Already done?" he asked when i got out of the office. "Yes" i smiled for the first time in a while. His face just lights up. "I've miss this pretty smile of yours" he said hugging me. 

We got back home in silence again, but this time i was actually enjoying the ride. "i'll come tonight" i smiled sitting on the couch. "What made you change your mind?" he asked sitting next to me. "The past is behind i have to learn from it, the future is ahead i have to prepare for it but the present is right now and i have to live every moment" i explained happily. I thought for a couple of seconds simon was going to cry, i never saw my dad this emotional. "i should get ready" i said getting up and hopping up the stairs. "Stella" he shout. I look down the stairs where he was standing. "i'm really, really proud of you" he smiled.

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