Is this love?

Hi guys... First Movella so bear with me on this occasion!!
Ellis and Steph have been friends since forever, they do everything together and have never thought of being more than friends. However, when Ellis gets a new girlfriend what does Steph think and what does she suddenly realise about her bestfriend?


2. The mall

I ended the call and turned to look in the mirror. What a state! I had panda eyes from last nights party and my hair was a matted lump.

"Oh damn. This will take a bit of work...." I mumbled.

After about ten minutes i had wash off the makeup and applied a new layer, brushed out my hair and changed into ; An orange vest top, a pair of jean shorts and my orange toms. I grabbed my bag and ran out just in time to see my mum driving off. 

"MUM, MUM!!!!!" I yelled at the top off my voice. The car screeched as my mum pulled it to a sharp brake.

"What sweetie!" She complained

"Drive me to the mall, pleaseeee???" I begged. She sighed and nodded as I climbed into her white BMW convertible.

I could see Ellis waiting at the back entrance as we slowly pulled up. Him and Kyra where deep in conversation, then suddenly Ellis grabbed Kyra's hands and pulled her in closer. Before i knew it they where full on kissing. I saw the look on my mums face and starting laughing.

"Well.... I hope you don't do that Steph! I've got my eye on you." She said.

"Don't worry, i won't." I laughed as i got out of the car and walked over to them.

I stood there for a bit watching them kiss, you couldn't fit a paper plate between them.

"Ahem...." I coughed.

"Oh..Um.... Heyyyyy Stephi!" Ellis said brightly, I heard a wobble in his voice.

"Hiya Stephania." Kyra said sharply. She really was beautiful : She had long blonde hair up to her hips, clear blue eyes and a perfect figure. Her dress fit her really well and her hair look lovely and clean.

"Hi, the names Steph not Stephania." I retorted. I heard her mumble something to Ellis and he burst out laughing, he flicked his gaze to me but when he saw that I was looking at them he turned away. We walked inside and they where still holding hands and flirting.

"So are you two dating now??" I asked, Kyra looked shocked and glanced at Ellis.

"Well....I don't know really we're just friends." Ellis said uneasily.

"Sure." I said sarcastically, "shall we walk?"

They walked ahead of me, talking and laughing... This was going to be a longgggggg day :(

============== 3 hours later ===================

After eating at Wendy's - We sat a two different tables because Kyra wanted to - I got really bored and while they where giggling and kissing in front of me I turned around and just walked away...

"HEY!! STEPHI??" shouted Ellis, "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?"

"Home because you bloody hate me!" I yelled back and ran out of the automatic doors and down the stairs.

"HEY STEPHI!!" Ellis shouted after me.

"GO AWAY" I shouted as i hopped in a cab. I looked back as I was driving away and saw Ellis sitting on the pavement with his head in his hands. Kyra saw me leaving and narrowed her eyes at me. Boy did that girl hate me. 

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