The Fall of Us

©Molly Looby CampNaNoWriMo '14 !

Enter the world of Tye. The Fall has devastated much of the world as we know it but Tye knows nothing else. He and his best friend Eeli are ready to leave their home as soon as they reach thirteen years so that they can be off on their own and be who they want to be and do what they want to do. At last.

Tye and Eeli could never have imagined how dangerous the real world was going to be.


41. 41

I’m draggin my feet up the path, not sure when I desided this was where I was goin, but not surprised that I’m here. I need someone to tell me what to do an everyone I know an love is just too damn far away. In that moment I can’t fink why I ever wanted to leave Nat’s cause there ain’t bin one happy moment since.

I know I’m lyin. But it’s too painful to fink about our journey. Cause it’s just my journey now. Even so I can’t stop one image poppin into my head. It’s her dancin in the rain, skin shimerin with water, moonlite bouncin of her wayst an back.

I clamp my teeth down on my lip as I nock on the door. There’s a flicker of a curtain before it’s opened.

“Tye?” Jax’s eyebrows are close together. He jumps back, eyes wide as he sees Nimmo who lets hisself rite in. He recovers hisself as Nimmo start sniffin around. Jax looks all around me before starin into my heart thru my eyes. “Where’s Eeli?”

I go to open my mowf to give some form of explanation but there ain’t none I can voice. Instead, a huge collapse of a sound jumps outta me an I can’t see an I can’t breath an I can’t fink.

“Oh Tye.” Jax’s arm’s around me, huggin me tite to him. “Come inside. I reckon it’s time you tasted whiskey at last.”

It takes me as long as it takes Nimmo to find his fayvorit spot in this new place to control my breaths.

“I’m sorry,” I force thru my tite, raw throat.

“S’alrite.” Jax hands me a glass of orange-brown stuff.

I drink it wiffout finkin an pull a face. I force it down tho. It makes me warm. It’s the first good fing I felt since Eeli was singin to her mother.

“What happened? She’s alrite, ain’t she?”

I nodd.

Jax huffs as he hits his seat. “Fank God fer that. You had me worried.”

“She’s just fine. We found Wren Song. She’s gonna be her singin star.”

He gives a little smile but it don’t look rite on his face. “She’s one of them people who don’t quit alrite.” We’re quiet as he takes a drink. I do the same. “So if yer Eeli’s got her dream, why aren’t you wiff her?”

“She don’t need me anymore. Wren dint want me.”

He looks at me one long moment an shakes his head. “What makes you fink Eeli don’t need you?”

“Well she don’t! Okay? She don’t need me. She’s got what she’s always wanted. There’s no place there fer me. I don’t wanna git in the way.”

“Is that what you fink or what she finks?”

“Does it matter? Wren dint want me to stay so I left.”

“You left?”

It sounds like he’s judgin me so I raise my voice. “I dint have a choice did I? I couldn’t just stay.”

“Did you put up a fite?”

I shake my head an put my glass down on the side. “No.”

He huffs. “Tye, that’s yer mistake rite there.”

“I weren’t gonna cause no trouble.”

“Why not? Cause a riot!”

“What d’you expect me to do?”

“Tell Wren you’re gonna stay no matter what because she’s everyfin to you.”

“Well now I ain’t got nuffink.” I realise I must’a stood up an I slump back down in my chair.

“Yer killin me, Tye Wunders.”

“Why? This ain’t yer problem? I just came fer someone to talk to. I fort I was goin crazy only talkin to Nimmo all these days.”

He leans forwards in his chair. “You can go back an set fings rite.”

“Fings are already rite. I did the rite fing.”

“Fer who? Wren? Eeli? Believe me, Tye, this ain’t the rite fing fer Eeli. You dint see her when you was ill. She was a mess.” He leans back a bit an lets out one deep larf. “Just like you are now in fact.”

“What you sayin?”

“I’m sayin you gotta go an git her cause you’ll regret it every day if you don’t. Take it from a man who’s lost everyfin he’s ever cared about. Tye, you gotta go.”

I shake my head but tiny points of lite are shinin in my head an I can’t turn down the briteness. All I can see is me an Eeli bein side by side again, like it’s always bin. Like it’s supposed to be.

“You said you were going to help her git her dream.”

“An I did.”

“But she said she dint want you to go, dint she?”

It hits me hard, like I was sprintin an a wall appeared an I went nose first into it. My head feels like all the doubt an pain is drainin away to leave behind only the truth.

“Dint she?” Jax persists.

“Yeah.” I press my lips together. “She did say that.” A beam sets alite my heart an I jump up. “She never said she wanted me to go. She said she was glad I was okay an she was scared I was gonna fall in love an she dint want me to like Lacey an she weren’t goin nowhere wiffout me an she dint want me to go.” My heart’s flyin an it takes me a moment to git over that fort. “She dint want me to go. She . . . She said she wanted me. Jax, she kissed me.”

His smile’s biggeren I ever seen it an he looks ten years younger. “Bout time.”

“I can’t believe I bin so stoopid!” I larf an my whole body’s made of nuffink. I feel like one’a Nimmo’s hair’s floatin on the breeze every which way wiffout a care in the world cause she wanted me to stay an she danced wiff me in the rain an held my hand an smiled an larfed an sung an kissed me.

She kissed me.

Then she looked at me like everyfin had changed.

“Jax.” I’m so giddy I’m gigglin. “Jax I gotta go.”

“That’s more like it!” Jax’s hand’s on my back as he comes wiff me to the front door.

Nimmo’s at my side as I leave the house, his steps bouncin.

“Fanks, Jax, fer everyfink, again.”

“Yer more’n welcome, Tye Wunders. Now go. Go git yer girl.”

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