The Fall of Us

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Enter the world of Tye. The Fall has devastated much of the world as we know it but Tye knows nothing else. He and his best friend Eeli are ready to leave their home as soon as they reach thirteen years so that they can be off on their own and be who they want to be and do what they want to do. At last.

Tye and Eeli could never have imagined how dangerous the real world was going to be.


30. 30

We all eat together, swappin stories till the black of nite.

When Adler’s finishes, he puts on a gruff voice an rubs his hands together. “Who wants to start the tellin of The Fall?”

“The what?” I ask.

“Every so often,” Ivan says. “We’ll tell the story of The Fall so we don’t forget. We’ve bin practicin a lot so when the baby comes he or she’ll know the most important part of our history.”

“We make it pretty entertainin.” Adler chuckles.

“I’ll start then shall I, so you can git the picture?” Ivan thinks fer a moment before he waves his hands in front of his face. “Seventy or so years back in the time of our grandparents an great-grandparents. Or maybe even further back fer the young amongst us, there lived cities piled high to the sky. They had metal boxes they called cars that could run by emselves. They had metal boxes called TVs that showed movin pictures. They even had tiny metal boxes called mobiles that they could talk to people thru even tho those people were days an days away.”

Eeli larfs. “They couldn’t have had that! That’s impossible.”

Ivan shakes his head. “My mother managed to keep my great-grandfather’s mobile. She used to show it to me an my grandfather used to tell me how it worked. Bless him. It was harder fer them to adapt to life after The Fall, tho he would’a bin only a child.”

“So these mobile fings were real?”

Ivan nods.

Adler agrees. “I’ve heard that too. Dunno how the little buggers would’a worked but somehow they did.”

“Anyway.” Ivan covers Adler’s mowf wiff his hand. “S’not yer turn yet.”

Adler rolls his eyes.

“Tho they had all these impossible fings that we can’t even dream up no more, somefin was afoot. The world had weapons an guns an explosions an the world’s different places hated each other. The people in charge wanted to do somefink about this. They wanted their people safe but they had to make explosions too, just in case anyone came after em.” Ivan points to Adler who continues at once.

“The people were terrified. There were wars all over the world about fings they couldn’t understand. They fought fer fuel an their beliefs an money. You know what money was, rite?”

I nod. “Tradin wiff bits of paper an serkles of metal.”

“Essactly. You seen some? It’s total bullshit.”

“Oi!” Nico gives Adler a punch on the arm. “We’re not swearin no more, remember?”

Reese chuckles. “You should’a heard him a coupla moons back. We’ve beat it outta him.”

“Gettin off topic.” Adler’s smilin. “So the people loved their money more than anyfink. They were obsessed. They would buy stuff that meant that they looked like they had more.”

“Stoopid.” I shook my head.

“He gits it.” Adler larfs. “But the people were gittin so scared of war comin to their doorsteps they agreed that the people in charge could have some of their beloved money to make the problem go away.” Adler turns to his rite an points to Nico.

“Years this went on. The people got scared, the government, the people in charge, asked fer more money, the people complained but went wiff it anyway because they were scared. More fear, more money, more guns, more explosions, more fear, more money. The vishous cycle. Each year people had less an less money an started to panic, at last blamin the government fer their lack of impossible fings.” Nico turns to his rite also, pointin at Reese.

“As more people blame the government an lose faith in the whole idea of war an guns an explosions, they look to an answer. They want to put pepole in charge who promise them money an fings an promise that war won’t come nockin fer em. But it always did. The government was full of unsuitable people ready to make more explosions. More fear, more money, more guns.” Reese points across the half serkle to Phee.

He looks around an they’re all noddin at him in encouragement. He clears his throat. “Erm, the people had less money than ever. That meant they couldn’t have any of their impossible fings, they could have nuffink at all.” He prods Eeli.

“Cause the people in charge were lookin after their guns an explosions an not their people.” She looks to me.

“More fear, more money. Around and around.”

Ivan picks the story up like it never left him. “So people are pushed to the breakin point. They don’t buy their weird fings. They don’t go places. The impossible fings stop gittin made. No one has enuff money to have any fun anymore.”

“I can’t believe they needed money to have fun.” Phee shakes his head.

“I know. They were ridiculous people. Ridiculous people who were gittin desperate. They dint want to live on little. They dint want to live on the street. But everything was too much fer them to buy. Then everyone went a bit crazy.”

Adler takes over in a heartbeat. “They’re irrational wiff fear, they wanna survive but they dunno how wiffout enuff money to feed each other properly. Now there’s nuffink new, only old. Only fear an war. The survival instinct is runnin so hot in all of em that one day they just snap.” Adler clicks his fingers. “Uprising.”

“The government tried their best,” Nico continues. “They try an hold em back an git people to calm down an promise more fings they can’t deliver. People are so crazy they wanna run the country by themselves.”

“But the Government will never let that happen.” Reese shakes her head. “It ends in a violent, bloody fite wiff people dead an hundreds injuried. The people retreat into their groups, more petrified than they ever believed possible.”

“Fear,” says Phee.

Eeli nods. “Money.

“War.” I look to Ivan.

“War indeed. Not just war fer the people over here, war fer the people on the other side of the earf where it’s nite when it’s day and it’s day when it’s nite. The war was coming fer everyone. It was everywhere.”

Adler drops his voice low. “Everyone panics. Everyone goes mental. How do they stay safe? How will they feed themselves? They hoard their things, sharing wiff no one. They steal whatever they can an act like savages. Everyone acts out, thinkin they can make a difference.”

Nico takes a breath. “But nuffink made a difference. The people who had boats or could sneak onto them moved away because the war brought death on everyone and everything it touched.”

“Guns and starvation.” Reese picks it up. “No medical supplies for those who need it. Everyone’s running but they don’t know where to. People are killed by old foes or even their own soljers.” Reese looks to Phee. “Do you know how it ends?”

He nods. “Bombs destroy all the big cities. Everyfink goes from chaos to silence.”

“An then?” Reese smiles.

“Then we carry on,” Eeli says. “Like we gotta. The people who were safe in the country carry on cause they dint have no choice.”

I sigh. “An that’s The Fall of us.”

The fire sounds too loud all at once as we take everythin in.

“That’s why each other is so important.” Nico takes Reese’s hand before kissin her forehead.

I look around the serkle an Ivan an Adler are lookin at one another like they mite dissapear, nuckles goin white as they grip each other’s hands tite. Eeli’s gazin at Phee an my heart drops into my feet. He brushes some hair outta her face an she lets him touch her hair. He rests his hand where it lands an strokes his thumb back an forth and she lets him. He pulls her face closer and presses his lips on hers and she lets him.

I bite my lip an hold in a sob, burryin my face in Nimmo’s fur.

It’s all I can do.

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