The Fall of Us

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Enter the world of Tye. The Fall has devastated much of the world as we know it but Tye knows nothing else. He and his best friend Eeli are ready to leave their home as soon as they reach thirteen years so that they can be off on their own and be who they want to be and do what they want to do. At last.

Tye and Eeli could never have imagined how dangerous the real world was going to be.


29. 29

It rains hard all day an my combats are rubbin against my skin an so is my jacket. I’m so hot I wanna burst but I don’t take my jacket off cause I don’t want my teeshirt gittin wet. Nimmo looks tiny wiff his fur slicked against his body. I can see how thin he is an how small the bones of his legs are.

We stop talkin after midday, everyone gittin more irritatin every moment.

Phee’s walkin ahead wiff Nimmo an he stops wiffout warnin, Eeli crashin into him.

“Phee! What the hell is wrong wiff you?”

He claps his hand over her mowf. “I can hear somefink.” He says.

I shut my eyes an listen hard an I can hear it too. Mumbled voices an larfter.

I creep forward till I’m standin next to Phee.

“What do we do?” he asks me.

“I guess we go round em?”

Phee nods an we carry on startin to make a big serkle round em.

My breath sounds louder than the rain all at once an every footstep crunches a leaf. We hiss desperate shushes at each other an Nimmo’s runnin back and forth between each of us, lookin up wiff concern.

The larfter gets louder an I can see glowin in the distance from their fire. Nimmo goes still an his ears prick up as he stares in their direction.

“Nimmo, come on.” He don’t make any sign he’s heard me.

“Nimmo!” Eeli prods him in the back an he still don’t move.

At the next wave of larfter he’s off in the direkshon of the strangers’ camp.

“No! Nimmo!” I call out but it’s too late, he’s shot off towards em.

I go to chase after him but Phee grabs my arm. “What’re you doin?”

“I gotta git Nimmo!”

“Leave him, he’ll come back.”

“What if he don’t? What if they capture him?”

“He’s just a dog.”

I shake him off. “He’s my dog.” I go tearin after him, the material of my combats rubbin so hard on my skin it feels like burnin. I’m only finkin about how lonely I’d be wiffout Nimmo as I run. Nuffink of danger crosses my mind. Not till I’m face to face wiff four strangers starin up at me. No one’s larfin no more.

There’s a man wiff blonde hair wiff his arm around a woman wiff a big round stomak. She’s got her hand restin on it an her other hand in the blonde man’s. They both look a similar age to that of Luce back in Croftford. The other two men have Nimmo in front of them an it looks like they was strokin his fur before I appeared. They’re all sittin under a plastic coverin that they’ve managed to put up usin sticks. The fire is just outside an sheltered from the rain a little.

I can hear Eeli shoutin at Phee in the distance an in a few moments more she skids to a halt beside me.

I clear my throat. “I’m sorry. I came to git my dog back. He heard larfin an wanted to check it out.”

The man wiff the blonde hair nods. “No harm done. He seems pretty friendly.”

“Yeah. He is. Sorry about him chargin in on ya. We’ll git outta yer hair.” I call Nimmo but he just looks at me before curlin up near the fire.

Phee’s come up behind us an stands next to Eeli, all three of us starin at Nimmo like we ain’t never seen him lie down before.

“Come under here a moment,” the woman says. Her voice is soft an sweet soundin. “Yer wet thru.”

We look to one another, a crawlin feelin in my stomak wants to run away but my supersensitive grazed skin wants to curl up like Nimmo. It’s catchin site of Eeli shiverin that makes my mind up fer me.

“Thank you,” I say as I duck under the coverin. The two men who were strokin Nimmo budge up to give us room. Nimmo hisself don’t move a muscle. He just sighs an shuts his eyes. I sit closest to him an the other two men. “An again, sorry fer our lazy dog.”

“That’s quite alrite,” the woman says, strokin her stomak. “I’m Reese and this is Nico.” She looks up at the blonde man, smiling. “And these are our friends Ivan and Adler.” The two other men nod in my direkshon.

“I’m Tye, this is Eeli an Phee.”

“Thanks fer lettin us under here.” Eeli’s sat rite close to the fire, rubbin her hands together. “I’ve bin shiverin fer hours.”

“You poor fings. Where are you goin?”

“Camrose,” Eeli says at once, spoutin off the usual story of Wren Song an singin star an everyfink. I’m about to start talkin to the man next to me when Nico larfs.

“No way.”

“What?” Eeli asks.

“I used to work for Wren.”

“Really?” Eeli sits up strate an Phee an I look at each other.

He nods. “I got kicked out two or so years back. Then I met Reese. Yer probably in fer a good shot cause as far as I know Wren’s still usin the same guy who replaced us.”

“Us?” I ask. “There was two of you?”

He nods. “Me an a friend. We had a good run of it. Four years of fame. It was the fastest time of my life. We used to harmonise together. Wren picked us because she’s never had complementin voices before. But I haven’t heard from my friend since we went our separate ways. She went back to her family house an no one seems to have seen her since. The fame got to her in ways I can’t even understand. I dread to think what happened to her.”

“Sounds awful.”

“What was it like?” Eeli jumps strate back in. “Workin wiff Wren?”

“Intense. It’s hard. Wren tends to go thru singers every two years so you ain’t got a lot of time to enjoy it. The only reason me an Udora lasted so long was because there was two of us.”

“Wait, what?” My heart has started pulsin hard.

“Yeah I know. Two years is a pretty short career.”

“No. You said Udora.”

He nods. “Yeah.”

“I . . . I met her a coupla days ago.”

A beam lit up his face. “I dint know she was still alive, that’s great!”

I shook my head. “I tried to save her.” Tears stung in my eyes all at once. “She was a mess but I wanted to save her.”

“Her house fell down.” Phee explained fer me. “We couldn’t git her to leave.”

Nico’s hand jumped to his mowf. “She wouldn’t stop talkin about her father’s house when we got kicked out.” He shook his head. “She kept mutterin about her family an stuff. Were they there?”

“No,” I say. “There weren’t anyone else there. I don’t fink there had bin anyone there fer a long time.”

We sat in silence fer a moment. I can see Eeli fidgetin, wantin to ask more questions about Wren an singin.

I have to clear my throat before speakin. “So, how far are we from Camrose?”

The skinnier of the two other men who answered to Ivan puts his hand to his face as he thinks. “If you left first lite an dint stop you’d be there as the nite comes I reckon.”

“We’re that close?” Eeli’s grin seems to lite up the whole coverin.

“Before you go lookin fer her, Eeli, you gotta deside that yer gonna do it.” Nico’s lookin rite at her.

“What do you mean?”

“You won’t be able to leave till Wren kicks you out. There ain’t no choice. You can’t just leave her like that, she’d have no one to sing fer her an she’d be stuck. Before you go to her you gotta deside that’s what’s most important.”

Eeli shakes her head. “This is my dream. It’s all I’ve ever wanted fer as long as I can remember.”

Nico nods. “Then I’m sure you’ll love every second of it. I did. But I was glad of being kicked out eventually, otherwise I wouldn’ta met Reese an she’s what’s really important.”

Phee speaks at last. “So where are you all goin?”

“Goin?” The man Adler plays wiff his beard. “We ain’t really goin anywhere.”

“We’re lookin fer somewhere to stay fer a while fer the baby.” Nico says. “But we ain’t found anywhere worf stayin fer yet.”

I look all around but I can’t see nuffink. “What baby?” I ask.

Reese larfs. “This one.” She rubs her stomak.

“Has no one told you how it works?” Nico’s smirkin.

“No, I know.” I remember Nat sittin me an Eeli down both at once tryin to tell us about the birds an the bees as she’d said, fer what reason I’m still unsure. We’d asked her questions till her brain was frazzled an Eeli an I larfed ourselves stoopid. “I just never seen anyone wiff a baby before. Not before or after its born. I dint know that’s what that looked like. It looks painful.”

“I’m fine. Fitein fit me.”

“So you’ve just bin travellin like this?”

They all nod.


“We don’t need much.” Reese smiles. “We’ve got each other. We pick up supplies as we go. We’re more than happy.”

“But ain’t you aimin fer somefink?”

“Just to be happy. You need to care an love what you have cause you never know what’s round the corner.”

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