The Fall of Us

©Molly Looby CampNaNoWriMo '14 !

Enter the world of Tye. The Fall has devastated much of the world as we know it but Tye knows nothing else. He and his best friend Eeli are ready to leave their home as soon as they reach thirteen years so that they can be off on their own and be who they want to be and do what they want to do. At last.

Tye and Eeli could never have imagined how dangerous the real world was going to be.


15. 15

I awake first fer a change an sit up rubbin my head. The sun looks brite on the other side’a the curtains an I don’t dare lift em up an see. Eeli’s wild hair’s all tangled round her face an she’s breathin all soft. I take a moment to look at her before I go huntin fer Jax.

I find him in the kitchen, swiggin a huge glass of water. His kitchen’s most like all the others I’ve seen apart from his is the smallest. There’s a tiny table in the corner that looks lonely wiff only one chair.

“G’morning.” He says as he sees me, settin his glass down. He grabs another glass, lifts the tap an water, real runnin water, comes out just like that. Like it’s that easy. “Have some water.” He offers me the glass but I can only stare at him. “Tye?” He moves closer. “You alrite?”

“You’ve got runnin water.” I point at the tap like he dunno.

He looks behind him at the tap anyway. “Yeah.” He chuckles. “You ain’t seen that before?”

I shake my head.

“The closer you live to Fordon the luckier you are.”

“What’s Fordon?”

“It’s where the Folk live. Surely you know that?”

“I don’t even know what the Folk is.”

“No body told you?”

“No, is it important?”

He considers that fer a moment before shruggin an handin me the water again which I take this time. “Nah, I guess not. The Folk are the government runnin the country.”

“There’s people runnin the country?”

He nods. “Fer twenny years now, yeah.”

“What do they do?”

“They’re tryin to make everyfin run again like it did before The Fall.”

“Oh, like electric an cars an huge skyscrapers an stuff.”

“Not quite. First it’s food an water.”

“We had a well an loads’a water butts at Nat’s. This is like paradise.” I edge closer to the sink. “Can I try it?”

Jax larfs an motions to the sink. “Be my guest.”

The silver of the tap is still shiny an smooth in some places tho it’s corroded on one side an losin some of its colour. It’s still one of the most amazin things I’ve ever seen. I lift up the tap an sure enuff, water comes jettin out into the sink, swirlin round an droppin down into the drain. I watch it, holdin back a larf, fearin once I start I won’t stop. I push the tap back down an it stops. Then I lift it up again.

Jax leans up against the counter. “I forget people ain’t seen this.” He shakes his head. “I can still remember when this town got runnin water. Everyone was cheerin in the streets an there weren’t a care in the world. Just every day life now.”

“I’ll never git tired of this. Has Eeli seen it?”

“Don’t fink so.”

“We have to show her, as soon as she wakes up. It’s brilliant!”

“I’m glad you appreciate fings, Tye. It’s great to see a person so excited by everyfin.”

“Most of this world I ain’t seen. You’d be like this too, you know.”

“I’m sure. But it’s somefin else to watch you. You ain’t even bin awake that long an already you’ve made me fink today.”

I dunno what to say so I just nod.

Jax motions to the table an I sit. He pours me a bowl of cereal an puts a jug a milk on the table. “I’ll have to git some more from Luce later.”

“You gotta cow?”

He chuckles. “I won’t tell her you said that, Tye, you’d be in fer a world of trouble. No, Luce is a woman. She keeps cows tho.”

“Oh.” Heat spreads across my cheeks an I look at the bowl an the blank wall above me as I eat.

Jax just watches me until the bowl’s empty an I’m fidgetin under his gaze.

“What?” I have to ask.

“Nuffin, you fascinate me, is all.”

“What does that even mean? I ain’t even doin nuffin. I’m just sittin here.”

“Calm down.” He holds his hands up. “There ain’t never bin many chillren in Croftford that’s all. It’s weird seein you an Eeli after all this time.”

“We ain’t chillren. I wish people would stop finkin we were.”

“People will always say that to you an when they stop you’ll wish they’d start again.”

“I doubt it. I want them to take us seriously.”

“I’m takin you seriously.”

“Yer about the only one.” I spin round in my chair to look at him properly. “Why are you helpin us?”

“Do I need a reason?”

I shrug. “I guess not but I still wanna know why?”

He sighs, lookin out the window. The sun it gittin high in the sky an the shadows are almost at their smallest. I fink of Hazel, Atticus, Andi, Renie, Leon an Mason helpin Nat, bakin under the sun, while Devlan an Harvey run around tryin to help but not gittin nowhere. Dixie’d be sittin on the ground playin wiff somefink, larfin all the day long.

“I remember what it was like bein yer age. Actually I was a bit older when I left.” Jax pulls his eyes from the window. “I wish I had someone to look out fer me.”

“What about yer parents? Are you like me an Eeli?” I dint like the word orphan, there was something so lonely about it. But lonely was one of the only fings I ain’t never felt. Orphan made it sound like I dint have a family. But I had the best family on the planet, one that loved me even tho they dint have to.

Jax shakes his head. “Nah, I ran away. My father was into Folk an he wanted me to be serious but all I wanted to do was climb the ruins wiff my friends an cause a little chaos. One nite he told me I had to grow up an I told him somefin I’ve regretted ever since.”

“You ain’t seen him again?”

“No. I went back but they’re both dead. Both my mother an father. I wish I’d stayed.”

I roll the information around in my head a moment. “But it ain’t yer fault.”

“I dunno, it could be.”

“But it ain’t. You dint kill em.”

“That’s nice of you to say.”

“No it ain’t. It’s the truth.”

“Well the people of Fordon said my dad died keepin bandits outta the Judgein Parlor an my mum died’a heartbreak.”

“That’s stoopid. No one dies of heartbreak.”

Jax did a little larf that was more breath than noise. “Yer rite. I don’t fink they do. I’ve seen some stuff an I ain’t never seen no one die of heartbreak. Even people who really want to.”

“No body wants to die, Jax. What you talkin bout?”

“Don’t they, Tye?”

“Don’t blame yerself fer what happened. If you were wiff em you might’a died too.”

“True, I did have some good years after that.” He looks outta the window again. “But we’re not talkin about my life story. I guess I wanna help you, Tye, cause I remember how dark the nites were an how hungry I was. I dint have no one to help me an now I don’t have anyone to help. I ain’t out fer nuffink, Tye. I just wanna help you an Eeli as much as I can. I ain’t gonna stop you leavin an I ain’t gonna hold you back. I want you to live as loud as you can cause that’s somefin I could never do.”

I wanted to ask a hundred questions but I kept them quiet. All but one. “You spoken to Eeli bout any of this?”

“Nah. She can hold up a conversation by herself but you on the other hand.” He walks over, takin my bowl over to the sink. “Yer a listener, Tye Wunders.”

I nod. “I fink that’s cause I grew up wiff Eeli.”

Jax larfs. “I fink you mite be rite. Eeli dint need to know any of this. She dint need convincin that stayin here was a good idea.”

“Is it a secret?”

He shakes his head. “I keep my secrets titer to my chest than you can imagine.” He fills the sink up wiff water an washes the bowl. He takes a deep breath an looks outta the window again.

I wunder what he’s seein there an know that it must be somefink precious an good.

I stand up an grab the glass of water, wantin to leave him alone wiff his sad forts an secrets.

“Hope that you never have secrets quite like these, Tye Wunders.”

I stop in the doorframe.

“They don’t half rip you apart.”

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