The Fall of Us

©Molly Looby CampNaNoWriMo '14 !

Enter the world of Tye. The Fall has devastated much of the world as we know it but Tye knows nothing else. He and his best friend Eeli are ready to leave their home as soon as they reach thirteen years so that they can be off on their own and be who they want to be and do what they want to do. At last.

Tye and Eeli could never have imagined how dangerous the real world was going to be.


10. 10

In the mornin when Eeli rolls over an smacks me in the face, I yell out wiff the pain of it.

She shrieks an sits up at once. “What? What?”

I groan, feelin like I’ve got waytes in my head. I blink open my eyes but my left one still feels all shut. Everyfin moves fer a moment before gittin it’s focus back. I reach up an rest my fingers on my eye and I call out from the shock of it. I slide my fingers down my face an find the whole left side’a my face is tender an sore.

“You look awful, Tye.” Eeli’s grimicin.

“I feel worse.” My words feel clumsy wiff my lip still swollen, tho not as bad as yesterday.

“Yer not just purple, yer purple an red an black. Yer lucky you got dark skin. I’d look much worse.”

“You look like yer gonna burst into flames.” I touch the deep red sunburn on her shouldas I dint notice yesterday.

She winces an pulls away, tuggin her jacket back onto her shoulda. “Yeah, well, that’ll teach me, won’t it? I guess I’ll have to wear this all day.”

“Stoopid,” I chuckle.

“Stoopid.” She crawls outta the bush an I follow.

Out in the lite I can see all the scratches on her skin from the brambles. Some’a them have already mostly healed but the deeper ones are still angry an red but they don’t got a patch on that sunburn of hers.

My head spins as I stand up an squint from the lite an I take a few deep breaths before we set off fer another day.

At every bird leavin its tree an every snap of a twig, Eeli yelps, grabbin fer my hand. She starts peerin off into the distance an tellin me to be quiet, pullin me round trees an hissin, “Git down!” She ain’t singin a word.

By midday, I can’t make my legs stand up again after duckin behind another tree.

“Eeli,” I tug her hand an she crouches back down. “You gotta stop. They’re not out there.”

“But they are, Tye. We can’t be too careful.”

I shake my head. “What can we do?”


“But we need people. We need em to help us.”

“No, no we don’t. Just you an me, that was the plan weren’t it?”

“Whatta bout Wren Song? You gonna be scared of her?”

She presses her lips together an sighs. “I’m sorry, Tye. But it can’t hurt to be careful.”

She offers me her hand an has to really yank to git me to standin. She steadies me, grabbin my arm in her rite arm an wrappin her left one around my wayste. Everythin pulls back before clearin into focus again. My stomak is churnin up somefin an I have to take big gulps of air to calm it.

“Yer still burnin.” Eeli’s lookin up into my face, her nose crinklin. “I dunno what to do.”

“Me neither. Let’s keep goin.”

“You sure? Yer not well.”

“Don’t matter. Come on.”

It takes only a couple’a moments fer me to be pantin in the close heat. The clouds are hangin low an I’m prayin fer a little rain.

“This is stoopid, Tye.” Sweats beadin all along her face an she wipes her forehead wiff the back of her hand. “We’re findin somewhere to stop fer the nite.”

“But it ain’t nowhere near time yet.”

“I don’t care. Look,” she nods to a big tree in the distance. “We’re gonna sleep under there.”

“Out in the wind?”

“See anyfink better?”

She has to drag me over to it an I collapse on the ground, shuttin my eyes at once, feelin the crisp grass against my cheek.

I wake to the sound of rain beatin down on the parched ground. I open my good eye to find the sun almost set in the distance. Eeli’s sittin in front’a me wiff her head leanin on her nees. I shuffle up next to her.

“Yer alive,” she chuckles. “I fort you were gonna sleep forever. How’d you feel?”

“Hot.” I drag my jacket off the ground an drape it over her shouldas.

“Fanks.” She pulls her legs in closer as her stomak makes this horrific growlin noise.

“We’ll find food tomorrow,” I say, tho I can’t be sure of nuffink.

She nods. “Yeah. You mite not be able to see me by mornin I’ll be so fin but yeah, course we will.”

I push myself up to git a better look around an to stretch my legs a bit. My head seems to have cleared since this mornin an the poundin in my heart has calmed. My eye is still too tender to touch an my hand still feels warmer than the rest of my body.

When I’m round the other side of the tree, I lean up against it an begin to unravel the bandage off my hand. The line across my hand is a much darker red than I remember an somefin green-yellow had seeped into the bandage. I stick out my tongue an hold my stomak in, breathin very shallow. I stuff the bandage in my pocket an wave my hand around fer a moment. The coolness of the air soothes the heat an I can breathe much better.

“What’re you doin?”

I snatch my hand behind my back an spin to find Eeli leanin up against the tree, arms crossed.

“Show me?”

“It’s all fine.”

“Oh yeah, sure. Show me, Tye.”

I edge my hand out from behind my back an place it into her outstretched one.

She looks at it fer a moment before lookin up at my face. She don’t need to say nuffink cause the grimace says it all.

“It’s fine.” I yank my hand back. “I’m handlin it.”

“O’course you are.” She shakes her head. “Just one more fing to worry about, hey?”

“Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.” I take a few steps back until I feel drops of water fallin onto my head. I’m cooled instantly an I sigh, liftin my head back an catchin the water in my mowf.

When I look back at Eeli her eyebrows are meetin.

“What,” I larf. “I’m thirsty.”

She tuts at me before peelin both jackets off. “Yer so stoopid, Tye. We ain’t got no more clothes, remember?”

She pulls her vest top over her head an throws it down wiff the jackets. She’s got some kinda material wrapped around her chest like a less than half top or somefin. She kicks off her boots before strippin off her socks and wigglin off her combats. I watch her as she skips to my side. We’ve seen each other in our underwear before but never like this. Eeli’s changed since I last caught site of this much of her. There’s a curve goin from her chest, into her wayste an back out again at her hips. Last time I saw her like this she was the same as me, a strate line from shoulda to feet. Her pale skin is shimmerin in the half lite an her hair has never seemed so long an so white. She shrieks wiff delite as the rain hits her, growin harder by the second. She takes my hand an giggles.

“Yer gonna complain when you have to sleep in damp clothes, stoopid.”

I roll my eyes before chuckin my teeshirt under the tree wiff hers. I struggle wiff my boots, only havin one good hand an when I finally yank off my socks I sigh at the feet of the damp grass in between my toes. I ain’t takin my combats off fer nuffink. I’d changed too an I dint feel ready to share it like Eeli did. Anyway, I couldn’t take my trowsers off now cause then she’d know.

She stretches her arms out an spins round, still gigglin away like she can’t stop.

“This is amazin! Amazin! I ain’t never felt rain like this before.” She tilts her head back an catches the drops in her mowf. “I ain’t never felt so clean.” She pushes the hair off her face. “Let’s do somefin.”


“Anyfin!” She squeals an sprints off larfin an jumpin an hootin.

“Yer mad, Eeli. It’s just rain.”

“This ain’t rain, Tye. It’s freedom.”

I jog to meet her, feelin like my legs are being filled wiff bricks. My breath runs out much quicker than normal an I’m pantin before I even meet Eeli.

She takes my hand an spins me around like Nat once taught us to do one evenin. That’s how they used to dance before The Fall. All pairs an spinnin an holdin. She puts her spare hand on my shoulda an I put mine on her wayste which is all smooth an slippery from the rain. My mowf goes dry an I have to swallow. My heart’s started up again all loud an I wunder if she can hear it.

“To destiny.” She grins all wide an beamin.

“To the future.”

An then we’re turnin, one two three, one two three, lettin the rain soak thru till we’re shiverin an larfin like we ain’t gotta care in the world.

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