Mr Kites ten 2 five show



1. Me Kites ten 2 five show

Sgt Peppers ten to five show 
at Bishopsgate last night,
Completely made my Saturday,
thanks to Mr Kite,

After internal time 
in anticipation,
And an what felt like ages
for the preparation,

The Hendersons performance 
in the circus ring,
Exceeded expectations of the billed dance and sing,

Wowed the audience by undertaking ten somersaults in the air,
The trick that made them famous 
at Pablo Franques Fair,

They mixed daring acrobatics 
with a brilliant sound,
And carried out their stunts 
above the solid ground,

The first half was tremendous, 
A must be seen,
For the second half the stage became
a trampoline,

And Mr K. ernt his benifit by 
setting light to his hair,
while Hola hooping an alligator 
flying through the air,

To be complimented by Henry who leaped in from the roof,
Trampolining a three step waltz 
Balancing on four hoofs,

For the finale 
the bill was topped
With Mr K.
In luminous socks,

Launching a swan dive 
from a wire,
Through a flaming 
hogs head of fire,

The show was five star,
Guaranteed to stun,,

A show stopper must see,
Second to none!

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