The Mermaid Project

Hi my name is Kai.
I am 16 years old.
I was selected for the mermaid project.
It sounded exciting at first, but now...I don't know who I am.


6. The Project

"A man by the name of Dr. Sidonikov has descovered the theory that humans can develop the ability to breathe under water." He said while sliding a manila folder to my father. He opened it and in the top left corner was a picture of Dr. Sidonikov. I looked at it and my heart suddenly skipped a beat. He was gorgeous! He had clear blue eyes just like mine and his face looked so kind. He had pefect lips and tiny dimples. Agent Grey and my parents were talking but I was too focused on the picture to pay attention to the conversation.
"How old is he?" I blurted out.
"And so-" Agent grey was saying. I then realised that I had said it a bit too loud and I had interupted Agent Grey. My face turned red. Agent Grey and my parents were all staring at me.
"He is 20 years old." Agent Grey answered. He must have one of been those early entrances to Yale or something, which meant that he was really cute and really smart!
My father broke the silence by asking another question.
"You said that the experiment would involve a surgical proceidure. What exactly is this proceidure?" My father asked.
"Well, Dr.Sidonikov has descovered a part of the lung that is made to extract oxygen from water." 
My mother and father looked at each other very interested. Agent Grey continued.
"Well we believe that your daughter was born with an enlarged aquous." He said then slid a a diagram to my father and pointed. It was a diagram of the human lungs. Agent Grey pointed to a part labeled aquous. That must have been the part that could extract oxygen from water.
"The prosedure would include enlarging the aquous." He explained. My father being the doctor that he is, replied.
"I'm sorry, but that would cause the resperitory muscles to fail within a matter of minutes!" He said. Agent Grey gave a faint smile as if he was expecting that to come up.
"Well the procedure would also include making all of the resperitory muscles hypertrophic." He answered while turning the page. On the next page there was a diagram of the lungs and the major resperitory muscles after the procedure. I noticed that the diafram (the major resperitory muscle) looked much bigger which must have meant that making it hypertrophic enlarged it.
"But does my body have enough room to hold all of these enlarged body parts?" I asked.
"Well since you were already born with an enlarged aquous, your body leaft a lot of extra space for a reason that we are not 100% sure of at the moment." He answered.
"How many people have already undergone these surgeries?" My dad asked.
"Six" Agent Grey answered plainly. "We had been looking for a seventh when Dr. Sidonikov saw your daughter on the telivision." I felt honord to have been hand picked by the cutest smartest guy in the world. And the fact that we saw me swim made me feel good. It meant that I had impressed him before having even met him.
"We will first run some tests on your daughter to make sure that she infact does have an enlarged aquous, then the genetic alterations will be made and then she will be with the other six and the actual training and experiments will begin." He said.
"If we accept that is." My father replied.
"Of course." Answered Agent Grey. It all seemed so exciting! Especially the part where I got to meet Dr. Sidonikov.
"And what about her swimming?" My dad asked. He was always very concerned about me practicing every free moment I had. He really wanted me to make it as an Olympian or World Champion. I really wanted to make it too but sometimes I wished I had more free time to my own. I guess that's why my only friend is Miranda. I don't go to school because my father insisted on homeschooling me, and Miranda and I are on the same swim team, so that's how we met, when we were very young.
"Kai will have 3 hours to practice every day. She will have a personal coach hand picked from the best in the United States." He answered.
It sounded like a perfect project I would get a lot of extra practice, I would be around Dr. Sidonikov all day and...
As if he was reading my thoughts, Agent Grey added "And if that isn't enough for you, we are offering 1 million dollars a week to the families of the participants."
My parents looked at each other with surprised smiles on both of their faces. Agent Grey slid a contract over to my father. 
"If you accept, all you have to is sign and it's a done deal." He said.

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