The Mermaid Project

Hi my name is Kai.
I am 16 years old.
I was selected for the mermaid project.
It sounded exciting at first, but now...I don't know who I am.


14. Kiss

Weeks went by and I started getting better at the whole breathing thing. Jake and I hadn't really had a chance to talk since the elevator incident because it seemed like someone was making sure our schedules didn't match. Soon I had moved in with the crowd in the training room. I no longer had privates with Jessie. Still, I always saw Jessie watching me as I swam. My feelings for Jessie grew by the day. He was so calm and so perfect. Every night I felt conflicted about Jake and Jessie. They both cared for me a lot and they didn't bother showing it. I decided to throw away the possibility of me and Jessie because it could never happen. Still I secretly wanted him.

I made my way out of my room to the 3rd floor where Jessie's room lied. He had invited me to come over for dinner. He said he wanted to descuss something. I figuered there was nothing else to do so I accepted. I gave a little skip down the hallway. I had worn a small purple dress. I finally found my way to his room and knocked on the door. He opened with a smile. He looked particularly handsome tonight. He welcomed me in and lead me to his balcony. His room was probably twice the size of mine. We went to the balcony where there was a candle lit in the middle of the table. There were two plates. They contained pasta of some sort. He pulled put my chair and I sat down. He sat down infront of me.
"So what did you want to talk about?" I asked. I kind of knew he didn't want me here to talk about the project. He gulped and I saw him blush.
"Well, I, had to let something's something I can't explain." He said. I blushed because I knew what he was going to say.
"Kai, I have only known you for a fiew weeks but think I have..." He hesittated. Once he said it, there was no going back. He took a big gulp of air and then he said it.
"I think I have feelings for you." He said quickly in one big breath. It hit me even though I was expecting it. Did I have feelings for him? I thought I loved Jake, but maybe I was mistaken. Right now I wanted Jessie more than anything. I should have told him that it was wrong, that I was too young, but I didn't.
"I like you Jessie." I said. I saw a smile creep up his face. No, this had to stop, I had to do the right thing. 
"But I'm too young and--" I began to say but was interupted by a kiss. He kissed me. I was shocked, but his lips on mine felt so wrong, but I liked it. I defanately fealt something for him. . I had to push him away, but I had forgotten everything. In that moment it was just me and Jessie. So I kissed him back. Our lips moved in sync like the peices to a perfect puzzle. He got up and he moved backwards into his bedroom while we were still kissing...

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