The Mermaid Project

Hi my name is Kai.
I am 16 years old.
I was selected for the mermaid project.
It sounded exciting at first, but now...I don't know who I am.


3. Jacy

When I looked up and the giant flashing screans I ducked my head under water. Procesing information took a lot of work because of my dyslexia, so I popped my head back up out of the water to make sure I had read it correctly.

A glance to my left showed me that Jacy wasn't the winner. I looked over at Miranda who was patting me on the back.

"Congrats!" She was screaming ontop of all of the noise.I was always very good at reading people so I looked at the way Miranda formed her words and I could see a drop of disapointment. This only means that I had read correctly, and I won! I was filled with excitment!

I got out of the water and was lead to a podium. A gold medal was drapped over my neck as I smiled and waved.

After the photos had been taken and the whole thing was over I stepped off the podium and began to lead my way to the locker room when I was stopped by Erica Brown.

"KAI!" She shouted as she ran after me followed by a camera man. I stopped to look at her. She adjusted her angle to get her "good side" and gave some orders to the camera man. She clumped next to me and began to speak.

"How does it feel Kai? To be a National Champion!" She showed some enthusiasm.

"umm..great." I gave a terrible smile and then said

"I have to go get changed." I smiled and turned around and ran as fast as I could to the locker room.


Was that really the best I could think of? I felt really stupid.

What I didn't realize that when I said "I have to go get changed" my life was litteraly going to change forever.

When I got to the locker rooms, everyone started clapping. One thing about the sport was that everyone had great sportsmanship except for Jacy and her little possy.

They formed a triangle with Jacy as the point.

"Nice Job loser!" Jacy said as the other two girls laughed.

"Well Jacy if you're calling me the looser then what does that make you?" I pointed to her bare chest.

She reached into her bag and pulled out her bronze medal and shoved it in my face.

"This should be you! Not me" She screamed.

"Sorry Jacy, but wanting it isn't going to make it happen, you actualy have to be a good enough swimmer for it. And guess what, you're not." I said signaling to my gold.

"Yeah, well I want this more than you could ever want anything!" She screamed.

"Are you sure about that? How about how much I really want you to go away right now?" I smiled.

She grunted and stormed out of the room followed by two other girls.

"Nice job handling that" Miranda said as she finished packing up her swim bag.

"What the race or Jacy?" I replied with a smirk.

"Both I guess" She laughed.




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