The Mermaid Project

Hi my name is Kai.
I am 16 years old.
I was selected for the mermaid project.
It sounded exciting at first, but now...I don't know who I am.


1. Gold

There's that one sound that we can all identify with. For some people it's the strumming of a guitar. Or a drop of watter from a leaky fosset. For me, it's the buzzer. The buzzer that tells me it's time to win.

I stand and wait for that sound. It's June 2nd. My victory day. Nationals. Being a competetive swimmer isn't as easy as it may seem. I'm always under so much preasure to win. I made it this far, I can't loose now.

To my left is Jacy Williams. Nationaly ranked as number one. To my right is Miranda Lane. My best friend. Sure I really want her to win...the silver that is. The gold is for me and me alone.

You see my thoughts get all tangled up before meets and when I hit the water it's like everything's clear. The only place I can think is in the water. Where I don't have to hear paparazi, managers, crazy fans, and most of all my parents. When I'm in the water all I hear are my thoughts.

I hate taking breaths when I swim because for a split second my thoughts are interupted by the screaming and cheering of spectators.

So I crouch into my starting possition at the edge of the pool. I wait.

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