The Mermaid Project

Hi my name is Kai.
I am 16 years old.
I was selected for the mermaid project.
It sounded exciting at first, but now...I don't know who I am.


21. 5 minutes

"We have five minutes!" Jake came in and closed the door behind him. He locked the door for safety. We both looked over to Eve.

"What? Five minutes to what? What's going on here!?" Eve looked confused. I bet she was. I had only just shoved her in my room in the middle of the night.

"Keep your voice down!" Jake scolded. I grabbed Eve's shoulder.

"We shocked the circuit for the hallways leading from Jake's room to mine and your room to mine." I explained.

'What? Why?" She sat on my bed. Her hands were twisting around a paper clip. I looked over to Jake, but he avoided my gaze. he began explaining what he suspected about the training. 

--"Jake" eve said. He stopped talking and looked over to her. "Assuming all of this is true," She began and looked strait at Jake. "We would be jumping to huge conclusions" She said. "Besides I don't get what's so bad about Jessi" She said while looking to me. This time Jake returned by glance. I gave him a nod that said tell her.

Jake nodded and began to tell Eve. Tell her everything that happened. I turned away and walked into the other room as Jake talked to Eve. I wanted her to know. I wanted her to understand why I was scared. Why I was upset. But at the same time, I didn't. I was embarrassed. As much as I wanted to blame Jessie for everything that happened that night, I knew I was just as much to  blame. I had had a crush on a twenty year old man since I first saw him. And when the opportunity came, I didn't turn away like I should have. I let him take advantage of me and I knew it quite well. 
     I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. I turned around to look. It was Jake.
"Come on. Eve wants to talk" he said. There was a warmth in his voice. Every word he let out seemed to be laid back and calm, but when he touched her, it was calculated. As if he wanted to make every move he made comfortable. Not too strong, but not too resigned. I turned to walk to Eve.
"What a jerk. I mean really, you're 16. What did he expect?" Eve said while sitting upright on her bed. 
"Whatever you're planning, I'm in" she said with a smile. The kind of smile only Eve could make. 
"Jessie...I mean. Doctor Sidonikov seems to be very fond of you. Now that he's moved in from me" I said and moved to sit next to Eve.
"Well, we want to see if maybe you could find out anything about what the ultimate goal is for us" I said. 
"All of us" jake added. He was leaning against the wall examining his hands. 
"Sure. I'll do what I can" Eve said. She began to get up off the bed.
"Wait," I said and Eve sat back down. 
"Jake and I are going to sneak into his personal lab while he's in training with you. I'm pretty sure I know where he keeps his keys to the lab" I said to her.
"I understand. I'll stall for as long as I can. This isn't going to be easy Kai. You...we are risking a lot" She said. There was concern washing over her voice. 
"I know Eve" I said while I stood up. Eve stood up and walked over to Jake. 
She then looked down at her watch.
"Looks like our five minutes are up. I better go. I'll see you tomorrow" she said and walked out the door, shutting it tightly. Then it was just Kai and Jake. He pushed himself off the wall and stared at me across the room.
"Eve's right it is late you should--
The next thing I knew Jake was standing centimeters away from me and his arms were around me. Every place that our skin touched sent sparks up and down my back and to my finger tips. 
I said, but he interrupted me with a kiss. It was tender and soft. Not desperate, the way Jessie's had been. 
I let my mouth open and move in sync with his. It had been months since we first, and last, kissed. It had been months since had said the three unforgettable words. But it had been in the heat of  the moment. Both times. So whatever was happening now felt like the first time. 
"Jake" I said while lightly pulling away. 
"Jake. We can't keep acting like what we have is perfectly normal" he pulled his arms away from around me. He walked over to the bed and sat down. 
"Kai I--
"No. Jake. When you said you loved me--

I began. 

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