The Acadamy

When Danielle meets Alyx and her troublesome brothers her world is turned upside down.
From scruffy farmgirl to sexy fashionista with big troublesome secrets.


3. the dorm

When I reached the dorm there was all ready three odd looking girls. One had short blond we hair which three streaks in it. On streak was pink and the other two were green. A girl with red back length hair and freckles waved at me. 

"Hi you must be Danielle! I'm Rosie!" She squeaked

I raised my eyebrows. The silent Brown haired one rolled her eyes and looked at me

"Whatever Rosie I'm sure the poor kid doesn't care for your shit," I smiled. Finally someone who wasn't either a freak, a geek, or a goth. I hate Goths, no offense to them, but they annoy me. How can you not like bright colours .black is boring.

My thoughts were interrupted by a extremely hot guy. "Hey girls and gals how are ya!!"

He winked at me. "You new?"

" a problem?!?"

He grinned "nope! Do you have a boyfriend at home?"

I frowned. What has that got to do with him? "Nope.... why?" He shrugged "no reason. I'm Mathew and I hope I'll be seeing more of you" he looked me up and down 

"Like what you see?" I love flirting. It's one of the things that I'm good at. He winked again."Hmmm ... definitely!" And with that he scuttled out of our dorm. I turned to see pixie (the girl with the short blonde hair) glaring at me." What? He started it and I don't like ending it. Especially with fit guys!" I swear I heard her growl as she looked back at her phone

I collapsed on my bed. My mind whirling. Could it be? Did I really like him? No way!

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