The Acadamy

When Danielle meets Alyx and her troublesome brothers her world is turned upside down.
From scruffy farmgirl to sexy fashionista with big troublesome secrets.


1. Ready for Change

" Wake up ya fat ass!"That was me older, annoying brother Danny

"GO AWAY!!!" but instead of leaving me alone like a nice person would, he pulled the covers off me bed and dragged me down it. I screamed and kicked him in his balls. "Shit! Danielle! Anger manedgement problems!" I rolled across the floor and ran to the doorway

" I hate ya!" A mischeveous smile slid across his face

"No ya dunt ya love me!" He laughed and lunged at me feet.

"Get off me ya fucking bastard!"

"AHEM!" Aloud (fake) cough 'terupted our 'Pleasant convo'.

"Shit" Me and Danny parted quickly and looked at our feet sheepishly. We had  been caught by our  goody-two-shoes-who-snitches-every-time sister.

"I'm gunna tell ma" Kia gloated at us

" Suit ya'sen" Im sure she's got sommat  against me. Last time we were foolin about she ran to ma and said we were planing a raid at night. I know it sounds stupid but say that to our ma. me Ma was born and bred on this farm so things that sound lame really aren't to her. Me daa walked out on us when ah was 7 and Danny was 8, Kia was 6 and Rob was 12. Ah think daa only walked out on us 'cause ma was rantin and yellin all the bloody time abot t'is and that (still does n'all)

So yeah tats my life story

one hour later...

I was sat in Robs truck and on my way to that place thats suppossed to be proper or summat like that. Its supposed to improve me 'etiquite and mannors'. Like ah care about that. Its not gonna work like,but who cares, itll get me away from home, so im in!


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