The Acadamy

When Danielle meets Alyx and her troublesome brothers her world is turned upside down.
From scruffy farmgirl to sexy fashionista with big troublesome secrets.


2. chptr 2

CHOO CHOO! CHUG A LUG A LUG! Guess what? The stupid car broke down and we are on a train. My first time on a train. Let me tell you it was terrible! I was so bored! The worst part was that there was no internet connection! I know that I was brought up on a farm but I didn't live under a rock! The lady said I couldn't get ny phone out either. A few words came to my tongue but I bit them back. What if Americans were on the train? They would have a heart attack if I said prick! 

Luckily the ride ended quicker than I imagined it would. I couldn't believe it! The academy was huge! It looked kinda creepy but I didn't mind I loved it. My dream house was all ways a old creepy mansion In the middle of a massive forest. The library would have one of those bookcases that open up a secret tunnel. I sighed. 

A fresh new start was what me and my brothers needed. It was great to finally be here.

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