Don't let me go

Best day of my life seeing the love of my life again but there is two now i have my heart set on who do i choose


3. Talking to him

L: hello dear, im sorry we aren't doing autographs today 

E: no,no i dont want an autograph i need to talk to harry if that's ppossibles

l: oh are you the girl who he had a one night stand with and didnt call back? 

E: no im not, just say to him Erin Richards is here to see him he will know who I am 

l: ok I will be right back 

harrys pov 

i heard to door bell go but louis went to answer it i wonder who it was, all i heard was Erin Richards I've heard that name before 

l: some Erin Richards is here to see you i dont know who she is but she need to talk to you 

h:ok I will find out who she is

Erin's pov

i heard some foot steps im scared.

i look out and i see dark emerald eyes 

E: harry? 

H: Yes?

he doesn't remember me i feel so upset i might cry 

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