Don't let me go

Best day of my life seeing the love of my life again but there is two now i have my heart set on who do i choose


2. 6 Years later

I miss harry so much i want him bc, in my life stupid talent and one direction, oh I do love one direction they are my favourite band i bet he has forgotten all about me.

everything is so different without him i have no joy in my life i stay in my bedroom on my computer looking for news about him and the band i was heart broken to find out about Caroline flack and Taylor swift but i knew he didn't love them i could just tell.


of only he didnt go on and audition for x factor he wouldn't of left, but he wouldn't have been doing the thing he loves, im happy for him i really am but I just miss him that's all. 

Im going to suprise him I've asked his mum where he lives and I've bought my ticket to go to London. On the train i just hope he remembers me.

At the house.


im here i dont have the courage to knock on the door.

next thing i know im doing it knocking on the door i try to run away quickly but someone opens the door...

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