The Institute

After waking up from his two-year coma, Axel finds himself in a world where he can't find his family, where nobody will help him, and where the entire country has been taken over by a corporation called the Institute.


7. 6

I jump in fear at the voice, turning to look through the glass and seeing an important-looking middle-aged man in a white uniform, with greying black hair, thick eyebrows and bronze skin. Behind him, all living organisms have seemingly dissolved except for two men, also in white uniforms but less important-looking, and a white truck. It doesn’t look pretty. Maybe they’re taking me back to the hospital…ugh, that’s the last thing I need.
     The guy bangs on the payphone door again, this time more impatiently. But the glass cracked when I hit it that many times…why can’t he break it…I shake the thought from my mind when he yells out. “By the order of the Institute, you will open up and surrender, rebel! I am First Lieutenant Riggs! If you do not exit now, we will proceed to rapid fire!”
Rapid fire?
     I refuse to get out of the payphone box and squeeze myself into the corner farthest from the Lieutenant. He smirks and takes a couple steps back, taking out a rifle from his belt pocket. “You leave me no choice.” Riggs motioned to the other two and they pull out rifles from their belt pockets.
     Rapid fire!
     Before they start shooting, in the midst of my panic I have this vague plan. My fists clench as tightly as they can and I start punching the glass behind me frantically, cracking it more and more with every blow. The Ln.’s loud voice rings. “3…” I put my feet into it as glass starts to fall to my feet. “2…” My head starts to join in as a hole starts to form.  “1!” The first bullet goes off, then another, then another, and I hustle to get myself out of the hole I created.  It’s not exactly my size, but it proves to be useful when I find myself on a patch of fake grass, shielded from the gunshots by the payphone box.

     My eyes widen in awestruck of my own strength. I can see the shock on the Lieutenant’s face as well. No way did he anticipate that. Suddenly, he drops his gun and runs toward me. He’s fast for an old man; I try to flee but he grabs my right leg and pulls me up upside down. I feel the blood rush down my body.
     Riggs looks at me from above and grins in an evil way. “Where’d ya get the costume, rebel? It suits ya.”
     Rebel? What rebel? Me? I frown. “Sir,” I say. “I’m…pretty sure I’m no rebel. I just—“
     “Ah-ah-ah. Don’t play that game with me.” He flings me over his shoulder and takes long strides toward the truck and the waiting soldiers. “Don’t worry. You’ll have a lot of fun in prison.”
     Wait wait wait wait. Prison? “What? No. NO. You’ve gotta believe me. I’m really no rebel. What did I do?
      Riggs stops and drops me on the ground, some feet in front of the truck, and puts his foot on my stomach. “What did you do? You were outa line! You were running around like a maniac! Talking to other citizens without authorization? You completely disobeyed Institute orders! You—“ I kick him in the nuts as hard as I can. He yelps out and raises his foot for me to escape, and I log roll out of his personal space, but not before I jump up and punch him in the face as hard as I can.
     He screams. I grin and let out a slight laugh. Now to the fleeing! But before I can get too far, Riggs, in a muffled voice, yells, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY!” I look behind me and see the two soldiers running towards me. Somewhere in the stupid part of my mind a voice says I can take this, and suddenly I’ve ran toward them and began punching them. I’ve brought one to the ground and the other is getting burned by my fists when I feel a great electric shock go through my entire body. I collapse.
     The two, obviously in pain, get up and carry me by my arms and legs. I try to struggle but I can’t move a muscle. It’s like the time when I woke up from the coma: flimsy and weak and useless, but this time I can’t even curl my fingers. Next thing I know, I’m being hurled into the trunk of a truck. Before they close the doors on me, though, I hear a furious Ln. Riggs. “Ugh! You darn rebels! That’s it! I’ve had enough! Take this kid to the main Institute headquarters!”
     It’s as if I can hear the soldiers’ hesitation. “Go ON!” Riggs shouts. “Master Kings will show this boy the cruelty he deserves! He will be of value! We can have him spill every last bit of rebel information there is! It is best for our country!”

    Finally they close the doors and drive off.

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