Being a Payne

My name is Casey. Casey Payne. You guys would know my father, Liam Payne. His former bandmates' daughters all hate me. Well, except one, Julia. The rest make my life hell, but no one cares. My father was never the most popular one out of his band. One year ago something happened. It wasn't even my fault, but it made Leighton hate me. I'm making these vlogs to get the true story out there. This is my story.


4. Chapter 4

*video starts up*

Hey viewers, I'm back. So Ethan has ditched me, and I'm pretty much alone except for Julia and my like three friends in the drama club. If you can even call them that. I swear they only hang out with me because they pity me. So Ethan has started hanging out with those douches on the football* team. They all think they're so cool because they kick around a ball, have fit bodies and have girls fawning over them. Seriously, those girls are pathetic. Also, those are the same girls who fawn over my dad and his former bandmates. Speaking of which, they went back and did a reunion performance in the U.S.- kinda like how Justin Timberlake and his old band N'Sync did in 2013- and I had to go with my dad. He said it would be a good experience. I actually had fun. I met all of the other celebrities' famous kids, and we all got to watch the VMAs together. I also got to see Julia, which was fun. I missed her. I cried when I saw her at the hotel we were staying at. Leighton and her crew stayed in England, claiming that they didn't want to see the AMAs, and that the EMAs were way cooler anyways apparently. Julia and I went completely crazy. Justin Bieber was there as well, with his son Chad. Julia was a bit taken to him, but Chad was apparently more interested in the dancers that were walking around. 

Anyways so after our great experience back in America, we sadly had to come back to the U.K., since we still had to go to school and such crap things. I walked into school on the first Monday back, and everyone looked at me like I was a ghost. I finally reached my drama friends- who all did a double take like everyone else in the school- and asked them what was going on


"Hey guys!"

Carrie, Anna, and Beth all did a double take when they saw me. 

"CASEY!" They all shouted, and ran over to me.

"What's going on?"

All three of the girls chattered over each other, like a group of over-excited puppies. 

"Hold ON! I can't understand what you guys are saying!"

"We thought you died!" Anna practically shouted.


"Leighton said you committed suicide!" said Carrie, interrupting me.


"She an her crew even wore all black for the last week!" interjected Beth.

Just then, said crew rounded the corner. Sure enough, they were all wearing their all-black designer outfits. Leighton widened her eyes when she sees me, but she says nothing. The bell rang and I dashed towards the principal's office.

"Casey you have drama with us next!" calls out Beth, but I pay no attention to her. I was determined to bust Leighton for this absurdity. I collapsed into Mr. Harvey's office, panting.

"Miss Payne! What are you doing here? You don't have an appointment, not to mention that you are supposed to be-"

"Mr. Harvey I'm really sorry but Leighton has been going around saying that I committed suicide when I clearly didn't!"

He looks at me.



"I know who she is!" he snapped.

"Why aren't you calling her down on the loudspeaker then?"

"How do I know you're not lying Miss Payne?"

My eyes nearly popped out of my skull. 

"Mr. Harvey! Call down Beth, Anna, and Carrie, they're the ones who told me!"

Mr. Harvey sighed. He pushed the button on the microphone on his desk.

"Could Anna Quolia, Bethany Dajkal, and Carrie Iowha please come down to my office. Thank you."

The trio arrived quickly, clearly nervous as to why they got called down. Their nervousness turned into inquisition when they saw me standing in front of Mr. Harvey's desk.

"Girls," Mr. Harvey addressed them, "Please take a seat."

Each of them sat down in a chair, while I remained standing.

"Miss Payne here claims that Miss Styles has been saying the she killed herself. Is this true?"

They all looked at each other. I nodded slightly. Carrie looked at me and took a deep breath.

"Yes Mr. Harvey. They even dressed in black all week to "mourn" for her."

"Miss Dajkal, Miss Quolia, is she telling the truth?"

They both nodded meekly.

"Wait Miss Iowha, you said they? Who is they?"

"Emma Tomlinson, Victoria Malik, and Leighton Styles."

Mr. Harvey rubbed his temples.

"Could Emma Tomlinson, Victoria Malik, and Leighton Styles please come down to my office," says Mr. Harvey monotonously into the microphone.

The five of us heard the designer boots clicking down the hall before we saw them. The three of them sauntered into Mr. Harvey's office with an air of superiority. Emma and Victoria were startled when they see me, but Leighton didn't even blink. I rolled my eyes.

"Take a seat ladies," said Mr. Harvey, clearly irritated with the amount of time that has been wasted on this matter.

"Mr. Harvey I don't know what is going on but I can assure you I have nothing to do with it," claims Leighton as soon as she sits down. 

Mr. Harvey couldn't believe this bullshit coming out of her mouth, could he?

"Well Miss Styles, I am sorry to-"

"MR.HARVEY!" I screamed.

"Casey," he said, his tone dangerous "Don't you dare scream at me again. I am taking time out of my schedule to deal with this ridiculous matter."

"But Mr. Harvey you can't possibly believe the bullshit coming out of her mouth!"


I sighed and looked down. Obviously he wouldn't believe me.

"Casey! You're alive!" exclaimed Emma, obviously waiting for a gap in the conversation to say this

"Miss Tomlinson?" says the principal incredulously.

"Well yeah, Leighton told us that she died, she said that she slit her wrists in the tub. She said to wear black so we could mourn her," she said, either ignoring or not seeing the daggers coming out of Leighton's eyes. Victoria looked uncomfortable, picking at her black manicure. It was obvious that she was told the same thing but had more sense to keep her mouth shut. Emma was always the dimmer one. 

Mr. Harvey turned to me.

"Well Casey, I'm sorry I doubted you," he turned to Leighton.

"Young lady this is not a joking matter. What if the faculty got word of this? We would have had to call home and worry her parents. They could have had heart attacks. You could have been responsible for their deaths! You would have gone to juvenile detention, and let me tell you, bright orange isn't anyone's colour," he snapped. Leighton gasped.

"Mr. Harvey-"

"No, Miss Styles, I will not take any - as Miss Payne called it- 'bullshit' from you right now. Two weeks detention starting tomorrow, and I will be phoning your parents, maybe they can teach you to keep your mouth shut and not lie about such things."

Leighton sat there, shocked. Mr. Harvey turned to the rest of us.

"Girls, you are all dismissed. And Miss Tomlinson?" 

Emma turned around.

"Your honesty is appreciated."

Victoria clutched Emma's arm and practically dragged her out of the principal's office.

"Oh she's in trouble!" giggled Beth.

"Beth shut up!" I say with a smile.

As we walked out of the principal's office, Leighton called out, "Don't you think this is over Casey! This war has barely started!"

*end of flashback*

*snorts* War. Yeah right. Leighton can be so hilarious. Anyways, so I went home after school, and my dad came to apologize to me. Apparently Harry told him what happened at school, and he apologized for yelling at me about lying. I guess he figured out that I wouldn't lie about Leighton saying things to get attention. Harry has apparently grounded Leighton as well, and I have a chocolate basket coming my way. Thank god Leighton is finally taking responsibility for her actions. I was getting sick of her getting away with everything. Personally, I think that she will be leaving all of us alone for a good month. Harry gets really scary when he's mad. He won't physically hurt nay of us, but he just has a really short temper. And a really loud voice. And a really bad habit of looming over you with his large body. Let's just say the nobody is happy when Harry's mad. Anyways, I should be left alone for a while, and I hope that Leighton has learned her lesson. I love what Julia has done with this website! Honestly, she's the best programmer ever. Apparently according to her, my videos get 200 view a month. I'm happy that someone is watching these, but I honestly couldn't care less about the people who watch, no offence, which is why I decided not to include comments. Well, I'll post whenever I want to post. My life isn't exactly the most exciting thing ever you see. So whatever. Bye.

*video ends*

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