Being a Payne

My name is Casey. Casey Payne. You guys would know my father, Liam Payne. His former bandmates' daughters all hate me. Well, except one, Julia. The rest make my life hell, but no one cares. My father was never the most popular one out of his band. One year ago something happened. It wasn't even my fault, but it made Leighton hate me. I'm making these vlogs to get the true story out there. This is my story.


2. Chapter 2

*video starts up*

Hey guys! Casey again. So yeah basically everything was okay for a couple months. Well, the whole school thought I was a bitch because of Leighton and her crew. It's not my fault I didn't see Ethan in that way....... Ethan was still my friend for a while. He at least understood that you can't fancy someone just because they fancy you. So yeah, that went on for a while, and I was perfectly fine with it.

As I said, I was never the most popular girl in school , so when I heard my name being said by everyone I got a little bit curious as to see what was going on. Turns out, one of the seniors claimed that he slept with me that night. I just want to say that, no I did not sleep with him, and yes, I am still a virgin and plan on being one until I finish high school. Now, don't think of me as a priss, but think about it logically. I want my first to be someone who I actually had a worthwhile relationship with. How many high school relationships actually last more than like six months? I don't want to lose my virginity and then have the guy ditch me a few weeks later. Leighton, Emma, and Victoria on the other hand....... have probably banged everyone in our school..... *awkwards laugh* oh wow okay I'm going to get in so much shit for saying that. Anyways, he claimed that he slept with me, and the whole school freaking believed him. So yeah, I didn't sleep with him. 

After that little incident, everyone kinda just shut up about it. It wasn't THAT big of news. I mean really? Leighton has sex with someone every day of the week. Yet again, I'm gonna get a lot of shit for saying that. So yeah, that rumor died down, and eventually nobody gave a shit about that. 

Later, all the jocks started coming up to me and asked if I would give them blowjobs for five pounds each. The first one I just kind of ignored, I figured that it was just a prank. But then, more and more of them started coming up to me. I was really pissed off because, well, I had every reason to be pissed off!!!  Anyways, I asked one of them why they thought I would give them blowjobs for five pounds. The poor lad (who I won't mention his name for his own sake) told me that they overheard Leighton telling her friends that I was giving out five pound blowjobs at a bar the week before. I of course was furious! That bitch!!! 

I went to the principal to stop all of this. I told him what the jocks were saying to me, and what Leighton was saying about me. Mr. Harvey called the jock who told me what was going on, Leighton, Emma, and Victoria into his office. Leighton gave this poor jock her venomous glare, and he immediately had the look on his face that said "I won't say anything". Leighton claimed that I was lying, and doing it for attention. The jock and her friends agreed, of course, other wise they would be dead the next day. So, I got in trouble for lying, and I had detention the next day. 

I went home, and I see my dad at the front door, waiting for me. Of course Mr. Harvey called him. We couldn't have little Miss Casey Payne being a bad girl now can we? My dad was really mad at me. He kept asking why I would lie about such a thing, and I kept insisting the Leighton did actually say that about me. Now, for those of you wondering, yes, Leighton is a bitch outside of school, but as soon as any of our parents are around, she turns into a sweet angel. She always minds her manners, she's charmed every parent to believe that she is innocent, and she is always giving compliments to our parents. "Oh that tie looks lovely on you Uncle Niall!" "Your garden is so lovely Aunt Eleanor!" *retch* It's sickening. So now I've been grounded for a week for lying to the principal about such a "serious matter" and now I'm stuck in my house, with no cell phone, and only my laptop because of that stupid assignment Ms. Findlay gave us for history. 

So yeah..... that's it for now. I don't really feel like talking about anything else right now. I'm exhausted and honestly I'm so pissed off that I think I'm gonna start cussing and I don't really want that on the internet.... so I'll see you guys whenever. Casey out.

*video ends*

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