Grave Of Flowers

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  • Published: 2 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 2 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
Aegina is a young nymph when she meets Zeus, the king of the gods. He takes an interest in her and, full of naivety, she thinks he is in love with her. But what are Zeus's real plans for her and can she say no to the most powerful god of all?


1. First Impressions


Nymphs dance in the rivers. Nymphs dance in the trees. Nymphs play in the sunshine. But not me. I stay silent. I lay in the sunshine, I feel the trees, I know water laps around me, but I don't play, I don't dance, I just lay. Lay, lay, lay, and remember.


I wasn't always like this. Once I ran, and I danced. Once I sang and shimmered with the other Nymphs, my sisters. We played all day, the Nymphs of Corinth, the most beautiful of all the creatures, the people called us. I was not always happy, for I was one of the youngest and my sisters often picked on me, but my father loved me and that in itself was enough.

“Aegina, Aegina,” My father, Asopus (the river god) would sing as he combed my hair in the shallows of his mighty river. “your hair is fair, your eyes are blue, the man who shall own your heart shall be a lucky man, it's true...” What my father didn't know was that I was constantly in love. I was forever falling for the mortals, the strong fishermen that rowed their little boats across my fathers great rivers, the rough blacksmiths in their fiery caves. My sisters often made fun of me, called me the silly girl, laughed at the way I blushed whenever a fisherman walked past. But my love never lasted. It was lost as swiftly as it came. I was never in love for more than two moon rises. That was, until I met him. At first, I didn't know who he was. I guessed he was important, for he walked with a swagger, as if he owned it all. Little did I know then that he really did. He was handsome, and muscular. He came and spoke to us Nymphs, flirted with the oldest of us and gave us young ones smiles. When he was gone, I asked Ayana, the oldest of us,

“Who was he!?” Everyone laughed.

“Why, silly girl? Have you got your eye on him, won't all your fishermen be dreadfully disappointed?” Ayana giggled and her long green hair rippled in the sun. Oh, how I wished I was that beautiful! “That was Zeus, I think he is probably a bit high up for even you, and anyway, he didn't even look at you, he talked to me!” I shrank back at her words and fled away to my father, where he wrapped me in his soft reeds and rocked me until I fell asleep in his arms. 

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