once upon a marcel

I've known Marcel all my life. 19 years to be exact. He was never popular, but I didn't care. He was my best friend. We finish secondary school and planned on going to college together. That was before he changed . Not just a tiny bit. My best friend went from total geek to total hottie. My best friend Marcel Edward Styles was now Harry Edward Styles and boy did he the world by storm.


2. my best friend marcel

Jamies P.OV


"Come on marcey!" I yelled to my best friend Marcel. I heard the shuffling of feet behind me. I turned round to see him there. His glasses, stuck up at the nose with tape. They rested perfectly on his nose yet they constantly fell down and needed hitching up. His hair was gelled perfectly over to the side. He was wearing his usual outfit of a brown shirt underneath a sweatervest. He wore a darker brown tie. He wore black trousers that were quite loose, he hated the idea of anybody seeing his legs or even the outline of them. This outfit sounds bad enough, but the problem is that this isn't school uniform. We don't have school uniform. This is how Marcel chooses to dress.

"Last day, you excited?" He asked and I nodded.

"You excited?" I asked him back. I knew he was without him even saying anything. Marcels bullied. He thinks I don't know but I do. Everyone knows. He's bullied for about every reason possible. He's geeky, his mum and dad aren't together, he dresses different. Theres loads more. You'd think i'd be bullied because i'm his best friend. I don't. That's probably because of my sister, perrie. She's just under a year older than me and everyone loves her. I get treated good because everyone likes her. I guess you could call me popular. That's another reason Marcel gets bullied, he hangs around with people who are 'out of his league' as some people would say.

" I, um, well i'm not so excited about missing out on 12 weeks of education, but I suppose that's okay. I mean we have college and study leave and we'll get our exam results back and...." He began, but I interrupted him

"Marcey, just shh" I said as I grabbed his hand. I pulled him into the class and we took our seats.


"Bye marcey, i'll see ya in a month!" I said giving Marcel a hug. I was going on holiday to America for a month. Me, Perrie and our mum and dad were going on a massive road trip.

"I will miss you Jamie, don't forget me whilst you're gone" He mumbled back. I laughed

"How could I ever forget you?" I asked before giving him a massive hug. I waved him a goodbye before getting into the car next to my sister. He waved and i watched him as my dad drove the car away. He kept waving, even when he thought i couldn't see him anymore.


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