once upon a marcel

I've known Marcel all my life. 19 years to be exact. He was never popular, but I didn't care. He was my best friend. We finish secondary school and planned on going to college together. That was before he changed . Not just a tiny bit. My best friend went from total geek to total hottie. My best friend Marcel Edward Styles was now Harry Edward Styles and boy did he the world by storm.


5. marcel?

Harrys P.O.V


I walked back into the house, closely followed by Jamie. Everyone stared at us and Louis had a little smirk on his face.

"So Harry, why did Jamie call you Marcel?" He asked, trying to act all innocent. I looked at Jamie and she tried to give me  look of encouragement.

"Well you see, my real names not exactly Harry. My birth name was Marcel but I change it just before X Factor." The boys looked at me shocked, but Louis smile kept growing

"So...Your...Real...Name...Is...Marcel" He managed to say between laughs.

"Yes, my real name is Marcel Edward Styles" I said and this time it was Perrie who laughed. Of course, Perrie knew me when I was Marcel

"No way! Marcel Styles, you were like the geekiest kid ever!" She exclaimed. Louis laughed

"Harry. Geeky. He can barely do simple maths" I stared at him

"About that... Part of the act" I replied. I saw Perrie take her phone out of her pocket ad show the boys something. The minute they all cracked up laughing I knew what it was. A picture of me as Marcel.

"Harry, Harry, Harry. How did you go from this to this?" Louis asked gesturing at me and the picture.

"Changed my hair, got contacts, worked out" I replied simply.

"You have contacts?" Niall asked and I nodded

"Well the fact that I needed glasses all the time proves I can't actually see very well." They all cracked up again. I really had been dreading this moment and I think it's clear why. Louis was still in fits

"Aww Hazzabear, bless ya" He said and I glared at him. Totally unimpressed.

"So how does Marcel and Perrie know eachother?" Liam asked. What a surprise. Daddy Direction asking the sensible questions.

"Me and Marcel were in the same class at school" Jamie said.

"Basically my little sister was best friends with one of the geekiest kids at school. But I guess he's turned out okay now 'cuz he's ended up being pretty hot" Perrie said. Zayn looked at her hurt.

"Zayn hunny, did you not see the picture of him before. Any improvement makes him hot!" She said and Zayn nodded.

"I suppose. Marcel was a bit of a loser" He said

"Ummm guys. That was me before I changed. Marcel is the real me!" I said tying to look hurt they clearly didn't care. They were busy taking the mick out of Marcel.

"Guys give him a break. He changed for his own good. Marcels in the past, lets  just forget about it" Jamie said and they immediately shut up.

"So what made you change?" Liam asked.

"Well you see, I um, I, I" I couldn't tell them, I just couldn't. I ran upstairs and left Jamie there.


Jamies P.O.V


Harry run upstairs and I was left with all the boys and Perrie.

"So why did Harry change?" Liam asked me

"Harry or should I say Marcel was bullied a lot at school. Me and him were best friends and he didn't think I knew. I did. He would have had it a lot worst if I hadn't have stepped in. I made most of them stop but there were a few I couldn't do anything about. They bullied him about practically everything.  On the last day of year 11 I went to America for a month with my family. When I came back the first thing I did was go to his house. His mum said he wasn't there and handed me a note he had written. He told me how he changed his name and went in for the X Factor. At this time you were just about to go to the judges houses. He said how he was in a band with you guys and he hoped I was proud of him. He then said that he was going to say that Marcel had moved to America with his dad andthat Harry was Marcels cousin and when both Harrys parents died in a car crash Anne adopted him. That's why he changed. He didn't want anybody to know because he's ashamed of it." Everone looked shocked but Liam had the most concern in his face.

"I feel sorry for him, I was bullied but never enough that I felt like I needed to change. Why didn't he tell us, We would have supported him"

"He doesn't realise that. He think you would have laughed at him or thought he was stupid. He changed to get away from the bullying and I guess he doesn't want to be reminded" I said and they all nodded

"We need to help him get through this" Zayn said and we all agreed.




hey guys. I don't know how many i'll be able to do tonight but im going away for a few days tomorrow and I wont be able to update. I'll do as many as possible tonight though.... thanks for the support guys xx

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